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MHA: Looking for Izuku a hates Aizawa story.

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I’m looking for fanfic where Izuku was falsely imprisoned after awakening his quirk. His mother did some investigating and sued the correctional facility to free him, making mention that prisoners would disappear from time to time.

I remember Izuku hates Aizawa because he was the one who sent Izuku to prison, by accident I think. Aizawa reported that Izuku should be sent to juvie for a bit and have quirk counseling, but it turned into being sent to prison instead. After several years (five I think) Izuku is freed as Nezu negotiates for him to be a ward of UA and tries to make him a hero, to which Izuku refuses. Izuku in this story has lost faith in heroes except for All Might.

All Might actually stops Izuku from trying to kill Aizawa during the entrance exams, but Izuku ends up attacking him during the first day of school because Aizawa argued for him to be put in his class.

I remember Izuku’s quirk to be very OP. It allowed him telekinesis, telepathy, physical enhancement, and even breakdown the “pheromones” that Aizawa’s erasure quirk uses, so Izuku’s power cannot be negated.

There is also a scene where Izuku walks around and notices the destroyed entrance gate, running towards the main building where he finds Shigaraki almost about to kill a student who turns out to be Setsuna. This results in Shigaraki believing Izuku to be the newest holder of One for All, as he raves to All for One when he is being healed by Garaki.

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