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DBZ 2 Fics - VegetaxCell & PiccoloxRaditz

Guest Amane

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Looking for two different fics that (I think?) used to be on saiyanhideway. Sorry, I don’t remember titles or authors – it has been a minute :( 

First one was Cell and Vegeta pairing where Cell was bored while waiting for the games and kind of hooked up with Vegeta. I remember there was one scene where he took of his ‘armor plating’ and had a saiyan tail...which Vegeta immediately took advantage of to pinch a nerve and get him stuck at a lower power level. Cell as prey was interesting, and Vegeta was his usual delightful self (lots of taunting, and I think he called Cell ‘sweet meat’ at one point lol).

Second fic was where Raditz comes across Piccolo. This one was pretty much ‘plot with porn’ where Piccolo was sub for most of the fic but then tricks Raditz (and eventually Nappa and Vegeta) into gathering the dragon balls, getting his own wish granted, and ‘rewarding’ them all with pain so that they recover and become stronger. (Remember it being pretty intense, especially one where Raditz transformed mid-union – woops! and another where Raditz threatened to see what all could regenerate after learning Piccolo had the ability).

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