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Neptunia lovers swap


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Neptune and Noire are happily dating and are happy Nepgear and Uni is the same way but hearing their sisters having constant sex is awaking feelings in them so Nepgear and Uni asked Neptune and Noire if for one night be willing to do a partner swap

Neptune and Noire wasn't sure what to do and after discussing with each other they decided to do it for their sisters Nepgear and Uni was happy the swap was happening until Neptune was taking Uni to her room and Noire was staying in Nepgear's room

The next morning Neptune and Noire overheard their sisters talking about last night and how even though they were disappointed that they didn't get to be with their sisters they had fun that night Noire asked Uni if she was ok letting Neptune and Nepgear use her room confusing the two until Uni felt Noire hand on her ass and Neptune was groping Nepgear's breasts

The first two chapters has to be NeptunexNoire and NepgearxUni with the the next two being NeptunexUni and NepgearxNoire when the next two being NeptunexNepgear and NoirexUni with the final chapter being an orgy between the 4

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