Fire emblem three houses Byleth's harem


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When Byleth was young and first going through puberty Jeralt was lucky enough to have a female mercenary to explain everything to her but Byleth going through puberty was different when asked the mercenary about what grow on her the mercenary grabbed her own breast and and told her most men and some women loves them and never to be embarrassed about them and if she can wear something that show them off to distract an enemy

Byleth never brought up the thing thing that grow on her but learned it was called a dick when she went to a bar with everyone else and heard a few drunken women taking about dick sizes of some of the men they slept with and she asked the female mercenary about what they was taking about

For years Byleth ignored her dick under she became a teacher at Garreg Mach when she found out that there was a shower time and she and her students the Black Eagles was shower together when she walked in she saw not only the female Black Eagles but also Golden Deers and Blue Lions and Manuela was there and they all found out about her dick Manuela offer to study it and Edelgard told everyone that it Byleth's secret and that no one will tell 

A few days later Byleth and her female Black Eagles (the other girls wasn't allowed to come because rumors about Byleth's dick was spreading and Edelgard didn't know who talked) Manuela told everyone that Byleth's dick actually worked after testing a semen sample could even impregnate someone Byleth accidentally let it slip that Manuela gave her a handjob to get the sample by saying that she didn't know hands could feel so good and had to explain that after it grow and she found that other girls didn't have one she just ignored it

Meanwhile in Rhea's room Rhea with a  dick was fucking Flayn and cummed on her back and as they was laying her dick went back in her and Flayn told her about the rumors that Byleth and Rhea looked hopeful and Flayn asked if she could fuck her now and after Rhea said yes Flayn grow her own dick and fucked Rhea

Byleth was giving Edelgard some tips to improve her fighting skills as they was resting Edelgard asked a question that been on her mind after she learned that Byleth had a dick she noticed it was always hard even in class and was wondering if that was normal Byleth looked away embarrassed and told her no that with so many sexy looking women she can't help it

Edelgard made a decision Byleth got hard because of her and the others and she was going to take responsibility she pulled Byleth to Byleth's room and let Byleth fuck her she was happy giving Byleth her virginity was hoping that she was good enough for Byleth only to hear Byleth say that was the best thing she ever felt and remembered that Byleth said she ignored her dick and was a virgin as well

For a few days Byleth and Edelgard was sneaking around having sex it wasn't until one day while fucking in the classroom did they see the other female Black Eagles in the doorway watching them Edelgard embarrassed about being so close kept going had to tell them that due to her and them that Byleth was always hard so she decided to help Byleth out but now Byleth always wants to fuck now

After Edelgard fell asleep and Byleth put a blanket that she kept in there for moments like this she felt breasts on her back and lips on her dick Dorothea was behind her naked and Petra was sucking her dick Dorothea said that its not fair that Byleth would only fuck Edelgard and all of them will help her Byleth noticed that even Bernadetta was naked in the corner saying that she fine there waiting her turn

When Edelgard woke up she saw Bernadetta getting fucked by Byleth and Dorothea next to her told her that they might need to recruit some other girls because Byleth haven't stopped once yet not long afterwards almost all the girls from the other houses joined the only one who didn't was Hilda and they were told that Hilda was the one that revealed Byleth's secret 

After Flayn joined the Black Eagles she had a plan seduce Byeth and find out if the rumors were true but was shocked to learn that Byleth was fucking her female students and just went along with it and found out that Byleth never put her dick away just put her clothes on over it and decided to ask Rhea about it after Rhea heard what Flayn said had a meeting with Byleth and told asked about her dick after Byleth told Rhea and Flayn the story about her dick Rhea revealed that it was wrong to ignore her dick because of it no being used for years (masturbation or sex) it would never go away

Byleth was curious how Rhea knew that when she invited Byleth to her room as they was leaving Flayn asked if she can join Rhea just smiled and Flayn joined them Rhea make her dick appear and asked Byleth if she can fuck her and to her shock Byleth said no that she didn't want to have a dick put in her Flayn who also got naked asked if that means she was going to be double penetrated by them after they finish with Flayn Rhea was shocked to find out the moment her dick was gone Byleth was fucking her and as she was getting fucked she felt her ass getting filled by Flayn's dick

When it got to the point where Sothis gave Byleth her power she said that before she disappears she wanted to have sex with Byleth as well 

Your choice what else happens

Byleth loves all of her harem but knows if she had to only choose one to marry it would be Edelgard 

Female relatives of Sothis during puberty grow a dick and are told to use it Flayn for example when she grew her did her dad told her to have her mom help her with it until it was gone and Rhea used random women when she was growing up

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