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I find Rio Morales really hot, but she’s very lacking in the porn department. I also enjoy “mentor hooks up with mentee’s mom” and “milf bangs her teenage son’s friend” stories, so I figured why not bring together two of my favorite things. I’ve got a few ideas and don’t want to spam so I’ll just drop them here, any of them would be greatly appreciated.

Peter and Miles are both teens and friends in this one. Peter is spending the weekend at Miles’ home for a sleepover but he can’t sleep so he’s downstairs watching tv in the living room.  Rio comes home drunk after a night out with some friends and thinks Peter is her date. Peter goes along with it and after a blowjob picks her up for a long hard standing fuck and ending with a creampie before dropping her unconscious body on the couch and still has enough cum left over to shoot some ropes on her face and chest. Peter grabs his phone and takes a few pictures of her with her legs spread wide and covered in his seed with even more drooling out of her. And as a final gift to himself he takes her panties with him. In the morning Rio's a little annoyed that her date not only left her in such a slutty situation he also stole her underwear and it was her favorite pair too. She's not too mad though as even though she can't remember much she definitely remembers he was great fuck. At breakfast Peter can't help but grin when Rio mentions she thinks she'll start going out drinking with her friends every weekend. And Peter enjoys knowing that as casual conversation goes on at the table his seed is sitting thick and heavy in Rio's womb and her underwear are safely stashed in his pocket.

The next one is an alt universe where Rio got powers instead of Miles. Peter is still a teen but got his powers first awhile ago so he’s more experienced. The premise is basically Rio is just starting out as a hero and Peter is taking on the mentor role. Someone with more general life experience needing to learn from someone significantly younger is an interesting dynamic that's not really common . Plus Peter trying to hide his constant boners because teaching a sexy milf in skintight costume involves a lot of stretching and close contact; and Rio internally trying to deny enjoying seeing the reactions Peter gets from her body and the feeling of him wedged between her costumed cheeks as he teaches her web swinging funny. It of course boils over eventually and leads to costumed sex on top of (or on the side) a building. Identities remaining secret and Peter not knowing he’s having sex with his friends mom and Rio not knowing she’s banging her son’s friend.

The last one is far less detailed. Rio’s got a secret and it’s that when no one is home she likes to take Miles’ costume and wear it around the house (minus the mask), it makes her feel powerful and sexy. One day in Miles’ room after just putting the suit on Peter swings in and catches her in the act. Not to sure on the exact reasoning for it, but they have sex on Miles’ bed while still in costume that leaves Rio exhausted. The mixture of the pleasure and the shame of the act is something Rio’s never experienced before.  After Peter leaves Rio is too tired to get up but makes sure to pull up the bottom half of the suit partially to mitigate the mess and partially for one more shameful thrill before falling asleep. Miles comes home to find his mom just waking up in his bed wearing his costume. Rio is terribly embarrassed to be caught in the suit but is also greatly relieved Miles doesn’t seem to know what happened. Rio immediately gets up and leaves the room promising Miles to get the suit back to him asap; after washing it of course she thinks to herself since explaining why she was wearing the costume would be a lot easier to explain than why the pants are a sticky cum filled mess

Hopefully this catches someone’s interest or at least inspires someone to write something with a premise of their own for this pairing.

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