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Can I upload pornographic pictures to the forum?


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Yes and no.  Pictures can only be uploaded to the Art Room forum – which is member’s only access – and then only of the drawn or digital variety; i.e., no photographs of real people.  And no photo manipulations of any kind.  Any pictures uploaded to any other forums will be deleted.  Also, no pornographic pictures beyond mild nudity will be allowed to be used in your Signature, Cover Photo or Profile Picture.

So, why have we decided to do this?  Well, firstly, this site always has been and always will be primarily about written smut, not smutty pictures.  But perhaps the main reason is that different countries have different laws about what’s illegal visually and what isn’t, and we want to make it as difficult as possible for people to accidentally stumble on pictures that would be considered illegal in their country.

Outside of the Art Room forum, you can provide a link to a picture hosted elsewhere, as long as there’s a clear description of what the picture is of, and do not use any link that means the picture is downloaded to their computer as soon as someone clicks on the link; it has to be a picture that is viewable without needing to be downloaded first.  This is to ensure no one tries to force a virus or anything else unsavoury onto an unsuspecting person.  Any link not meeting these requirements will be removed and the member warned.

If you’re unsure whether or not a picture you have uploaded to your profile or signature is acceptable then please don’t hesitate to ask a moderator.

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