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My lustful academia


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My mom has a quirk that lets her read minds and my dad has a quirk that lets him influence people my quirk lets me mind control people I never thought to use it for personal gain or becoming a hero until one day I decided I was going to use my quirk to help my sexual needs not much just getting my female classmates to give me an occasional handjob or blowjob

But before I could start my mom had read my mind and tried to have my dad influence me so for revenge I had my dad's boss give him a promotion that would keep him out of state and made him ok with not coming back and for my mom she became my sex slave

Then one day I saw all might talking to a green hair guy and saw him change and told him that he had an quirk that can be passed on so I made my decision I made the green hair guy forget what he just heard and leave and had all might give me his quirk

When I got into UA high school I met a girl named Ochako and used my mind control quirk to fuck her and made her my girlfriend

When I found out that my class 1-A is full of  Hotties I decided to make a harem

The harem is 

Ochako as girlfriend

The girls of class 1-A as lovers

Mom as a sex slave 

Any other female characters is up to you

I'd like it if there are threesomes and the girls of the harem having lesbian sex with each other 

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