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Yugi becomes the Weak and Dainty Girly Girl Yumi


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Solomon Muto is getting on in years and when given sole custody of his Grandson Yugi Muto, his memory goes a little funny and he starts treating her as his daughter Yumi instead. He forces Yugi to wear girls clothes, eat salad, and diet and exercise so lose weight and move her mass to more feminine locations. Solomon has Yugi attend school as a girl and conditions him into liking boys and slowly breaks him. He is forced to read books aimed at girls and forbidden from playing with his puzzles unless he does something suitably girly for Solomon.

Solomon teaches him to call him Daddy instead of Grandpa, and reply only to the new girly name of Yumi. By the end of the story/time the Millennium Puzzle is solved, Yugi is the girly girl Yumi and has become one of the School Idols, instead of being bullied by Joey and Tristan, the two are trying to get her to date one of them as she is going to be a wonderful housewife one day. She  helps Daddy Solomon around the house and cosplays as Duel Monstergirls at the game shop.

Yugi must resist in the beginning before he is slowly broken and made into a submissive girl. By the time Solomon is kidnapped by Seto Kaiba for his Blue Eyes White Dragon, he has no trace of his former self left in him and is planning his wedding day. Must be drawn out and contain Solomon brainwashing him into his new role.

You can add other feminine things Yugi is forced to do. Perhaps Tea started an illicit affair with Solomon and decides to be a good “Mommy” by training Yugi in how to be act sexual as Yumi. Teach him how to flirt and the role of girls in a relationship. Make Yugi feel like he’s weak and dainty, maybe using the fact Yugi had a crush on her and her relationship with Solomon to prove to Yugi that he could never be man enough for her.

Can include BDSM type Punishment for non feminine behaviour and brainwashing.




And that is all before Seto Kaiba kidnaps Solomon Muto for his Blue Eyes White Dragon. Before Atem/Yami even enters Yugi/Yumi’s life. Now, with Yumi being so obviously a girly girl, Yami can’t really swap with Yumi like he did with the canonical Yugi. Maybe you want to do a “Doctor Jekyll and Sister Hyde” deal and Yami would just have to pretend to be Yumi’s cousin that keeps arriving to fight bad guys the second Yumi leaves to get him. Or, he sees how submissive she is, and just stands over her shoulder telling her what to do.

While he doesn't remember his past, Yami could be thrilled to have submissive slavegirl who will do his bidding while he looks for answers, chaining her up and teasing her in their shared mindscape. He could either tease and humiliate her about her clitdick in the mindscape, or let her have a really pussy there so she can know what it feels like.

Duellist Kingdom would play similar but different. Tea tormenting and degrading Yumi due to her missing Solomon’s dick, Joey taking on Duellists to prove himself to Yumi while Tristan shows off his Survival Skills.

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