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Venom's Revenge: Peter Parker, Spider-Woman


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When Peter realises that his new Black Costume is alive, he swings off to tear it off. But in this universe, the Symbiote takes something more with it.

“Peter looks down to see a body he doesn’t recognise; a curvy brunette stood in a church wearing nothing but his boxers. He… she… was now a woman?!”

The Symbiote still bonds with Eddie Brock, still gives the Photographer the true identity of Spider-Man, still gives him Spider-Man’s powers, still makes Spider-Man unable to detect Eddie/Venom with his Spider-Sense, but now his presence causes a spike of arousal in the Genderbent Wallcrawler.

And should the new Villain make physical contact with the new Spider-Woman, he can make alterations. Blonde, blue eyes, bigger butt, bigger bust, shorter, taller, etc. Can Peter stop this new villain and restore his manhood? Or will she become Eddie’s new girlfriend?

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