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Ichihime harem


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A retelling of bleach with the difference of Ichigo and Orihime already dating before it begins

Orihime was not shy showing her love to Ichigo sometimes even making out with him during lunch with their friends it got to the point where someone said that they would be fucking soon only for Orihime to reveal that they have been for months one day Chizuru was trying to get Orihime to leave Ichigo and go out/sleep with her when she mentions a dream she had with a harem of sexy ladies with Orihime has the queen Orihime liked that idea with made Chizuru tried to kiss Orihime thinking she finally won her over only to miss as Orihime went to Ichigo sat on his lap and said let's make us a harem shocking everyone who heard her

Ichigo not able to resist her when she looked at him with all her love agreed that if she could get anyone to join he'll go along with it after a week of asking her friends Tatsuki Arisawa, Ryō Kunieda, Michiru Ogawa, Mahana Natsui, Chizuru Honshō she finally convinced Tatsuki to join the harem and not long after Mahana she even convinced Chizuru to join (she only joined to try to steal the girls away from Ichigo and hates that she has to fuck him to keep from being caught even though almost all harem members know what's she's doing)

On the day Rukia appeared in Ichigo room he and Orihime just finished dinner with his family and was having sex (yes his sisters and dad knows about their relationship and that its at that point and karin or Yuzu mentioning to Isshin that normally parents would try to prevent their kids from having sex) in his room Rukia not thinking they could see her Ichigo asked what she was doing in his room and Orihime asking her if she wants to join them

After Rukia appeared at their school and tried to get Ichigo to help her Orihime told her that if she wants Ichigo's help she'll have to join the harem Rukia not serious said fine but before she could say only after she gets her powers back Orihime drags Rukia with a Ichigo following them to a room in the gym and locked the door Rukia watched Orihime start to undress and tells her that this is dangerous only for Orihime to say that she and Ichigo had sex here lots of times no one come around here at this time of day 

Anyone that joins the harem and what else happens is up to you 

Orihime has a shaved pussy and the only male she had sex with is Ichigo 

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