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Really old Inuyasha/Miroku knotting story....

Guest Hex_Dex

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Guest Hex_Dex

Ok this is going to be a long shot for this story. I read this story YEARS AGO and I’m looking to find it to re-read it and see where the story went as it was unfinished when I first read it. The story goes, that this takes place after Naraku has been defeated and there is some struggles with girls (Kagome and Sango) and the guys (Inuyasha and Miroku), to the point that there respected relationships (Inuyasha/Kagome, Sango/Miroku) are falling apart. Inuyasha and Miroku go to a village together to deal with a lizard demon problem. The village gets mad because Inuyasha is with Miroku and they only wanted the monk to deal with the problem. Mirouk defends Inuyasha and that surprises him. The learn that the demon is kidnapping people from the village. When they get to the den they find a male villager still alive, as he wasn’t for food but pleasure. Miroku saves him and Inuyasha gives Miroku his sword to him and tells him to leave. Miroku gets out to of the den and makes it to a near by spring, and washes off the grossness from the den and help the villager. As he is bathing, Inuyasha shows up, cut up from fighting a dozen lizard demons and is full demon! Demon Inuyasha forces himself on to Miroku, who is hesitantat first but gives in. Demon Inuyasha marks Miroku as his mate and KNOTS him! (Major reason why I like this) In the morning Inuyasha dosen’t remember what happened, only that he gave Miroku his sword and went to fight the lizard demons. Miroku tells Inuyasha what happen, which freaks Inuyasha out but is releived when he doesn’t find is mating mark on Miroku… only for Miroku to show it on is inner thigh. The rest of the story is the fallout from all of this, with a over-protective Inuyasha and all.


I think that the story was titled: Why Can’t We Be Happy? by Grey********* or Gray********* (I can’t remember the last part of the auther’s name)

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