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Harry Potter/Highschool DxD: The New Lord Ferthur aka Earl Incubus

Kid Coheed

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Lily had quite the secret, when she was only 1 year old she was abandoned on a doorstep much like her son would eventually be. Raised by the Evans as their own daughter she never learned of her heritage, and no one would, until 2007 when her son Harry while claiming his Heirships at the Ministry finds one additional name and title at the base of the page 

"Lord Ferthur, 72 Pillars of The Underworld" 

Harry learns that his mother wasn't all that much a Muggleborn but a Half-Devil trained as a witch and while he would just be normally a Quarter Devil, his contact with the Deathly Hallows have altered him, no longer Human he is a Pure Devil and the last of his Demonic Line. Pushed into a Society he doesn't understand, fundamentally different from Muggles AND the Wizards he still had a duty too. So he begins his Journey as he gathers his Peerage and rejoins 3 Societies. 

Explanation - Harry's family is based on one of the 72 demon lords, Furfur/Furtur who causes love between Men and Women's, Causes Storms, and Teaches Secrets if he trapped. This Demon is also often shaped like a Hart or a Massively Horned Buck

Requirements –

1) Harry must now be A Devil completely, due to his connection with the Hallows. They took his strongest features and amplified them making him completely a devil. James and Lily are still his parents, he's just no longer human

2) Harry's Peerage must also count as his Harem, due to his needs as Ferthur or as the clan were commonly known to Humans "Incubi and Succubi" Harry must need to have access to Lust Energy, while other Devils can absorb other Sin Energy through normal contracts, because Lust is so finicky, Harry must absorb most of his Lust from his Peerage and thus his Harem

3) Use Characters from HP, DxD and even unconnected forms of Media like Kaname Kugatachi aka Freya (Kenichi Histories Strongest Disciple), Raichi Li (HSD), Renka MA (HSD), Caitlin Fairchild (Gen13), Voodoo (WildCATs), Rainmaker (Gen13), Mila Rose (Bleach), Yoruichi Shihouin (Bleach), Lisa Yadōmaru (Bleach), Esdeath (Akame Ga Kill), Leona (AGK), Najenda (AGK)

It doesn't have to be these girls, doesn't have to be from these series, doesn't have to be ONLY These girls from these series! The point is to have different girls in the Harem.

Restrictions -

1) Harry in a gay relationship

2) rape

3) cuckold

Request -

1) Use the HP Trope of Magical Inheritances to give some Harry Potter Girls the ability to get stronger and keep up without solely being Bishops.

2) Harry saves a Near Death Fallen Angel and Inducts her into his peerage and harem

3) Harry aligns himself with Sona as the Phenex attempted to take his families lands trying to declare the Ferthur Family extinct

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