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Monkey D. Harry : The King of the Seas, The Lord of Rogues

Guest Draynuy

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Guest Draynuy

Harry, Ginny, and Hedwig are reincarnated into the world of one Piece, all conserve their memories but since Hedwig wills become human it will be a new learning process for her.

Harry and Ginny conserve their magic but will have to learn new ways to use it, also the one(s) who reincarne them, link their minds until they meet again (just so they stay sane during their baby, toddler et young kid's years).

Harry must replace Luffy (but must also stay named Harry), Ginny becomes the daugther of a noble familly from Goa, and, like Sabo, decides to fugue when it become too much to support, and Hedwig become an albino and orpheline kid from Dawn Island who befriend Harry.

Harry learns Garp’s vision of marine, Shanks’ vision of pirate but he also learns the reality of both worlds; Dragon also risk to keep a smal contact with Harry who learn of the vision of the revolutionaries. As result Harry decides that he wills trace his own path by aiding the ones in needs and by stealing the corruptes. (He wills become a Blue Rogue for those who know Skies of Arcadia or a Robin Hood of the seas). He wants to find One Piece, to change the age of pirate and to occasionally aid the revolutionaries.

Shanks (who don’t lose his arm), impressioned by Harry’s will, gives him his hat but also his devil’s fruit. Later the fruit, the bird zoan : snowy owl (optionnaly can also be a mitical fruit) must be eaten by Hedwig.

On the crew, Harry is the captain (and a cook), he fights with martial arts and a bô, he use contact magic or through his bô ; Ginny is the first mate and the sniper, she uses her magic through her guns,( and later through canons), Hadwig is the lookout and the scout.

Other requirement:

Harry/Harem, Harry must be in relationship with nearly all female crew members (the girls also form sub relations between them), he must also have regular sex with all his lovers (and the girls between chosen mates when not with Harry).

The story must be more than just porn (by the way the first chapters must not have sex in it unless you want to add a voyeur scene or a sex scene in mental plane) and must be more than a simple re-edit from the manga. The original story must be re-adapted, since Harry is not Luffy and his crew is not the Strawhat crew. The Story must begin a the proposition of reincarnation and the first chapters must cover the young years on Dawn Island.

Zoro must be replaced by Kuina who is as much a tomboy than Ginny and her chosen mate. Kuina will accidentaly collect the named swords and learn to use them all in various manners (one handed, two handed, two sword style, ...). Her version of Ashura (can be named Shiva) consist  to emit her aura into a huge humanoide figure with multiple arm, each drew one of her swords. (At first the number of arms is limited and she cannot move but the technic must evolve).

Usopp must stay with Kaya, so either no Usopp in the crew or either Kaya join the crew as non combatant nurse and psychologist.

Sanji must revere and, at the same time, curse Harry for role as harem king; they must also have a friendly competiton as cook. Even he is his usual self around ladies, he is not serious about it, since he don’t try to have a stable relation (with some exeption). The girls must make a game of teasing and punishing Sanji.

Koala must join the crew as contact with the revolutionnaries and underground elements.

Miss Goldenweek must join the crew, Miss valentine can join but if she join she must be shipped with Sanji (not seriously and more as sex friend at first).

Vivi must obtain the desert fruit (Crocodil must die) and join the crew, either the marines must impose a martial occupation (because of Crocodil), either she has a sibling.

The crew must become gradually stronger than in the manga, by exemple they can find a manual for the rokushiki in Captain Morgan’s things and they can learn the base of Mantra (observation haki) at Skypiea.

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Guest Draynuy
8 hours ago, Akakiru said:

Why do I saw a proud Garp/Shanks/Dragon as they find out about Harry harem. That can be as omake in the story

I could see scene where Harry and one or more of his lovers have a public demonstration of affection that is publied into the news, and, after readind the new “scandal”, Shanks would laugh himself hoarse and, at the same time, remember his own adventure.

For Garp and Dragon I would imagine a schizophrenic case of overprotective father/grandfather and “papy/grand papy gâteau” (not found a good traduction) and/or later dream about conquering the world with a army of (great)granchildren.

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