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Hermione's Harem needs a Sultan, Who better than Harry

Kid Coheed

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Hermione Granger was a great many things, smart, witty and kind were some of those things. Unknown go most of her friends, Hermione wanted to add Harem Girl to that list. Growing up reading 1001 Arabian Nights, Hermione long desired to become one of a number of girls. Of course her ideal of a Harem was more like a book club or a ancient Salon with the many girls trading knowledge and debating with one another, but as she grew older sex wasn't too far away from the idea trading and philosophy preaching. And so now at age 23 she was ready to build her dream, she only needed her Sultan, or in this case Magical Lord of Many Houses to help her, and who better than her handsome, kind, giving friend Harry Potter? If anyone was going to get the pleasure of Hermione Granger's Harem it would be someone worthy of it... Now to start building 


Hermione has a slightly warped view of Harems and starts one for Harry. 


Requirements - 

1) Harry is the only Male allowed to be with the girls while they are connected to the Harem

2) Harry is hung and has the endurance to go a number of rounds before needing Potions 

3) All the girls must be smart or at least have something to provide to Hermione


Request - 

1) Hermione likes to watch Harry plow her fellow Harem Members 

2) Girls of different magical races join not just Veela and Witches


Restrictions - 

1) Girls cheating on Harry and the Harem

2) Dumb girls in the Harem

3) The Harem being forced on anyone 

4) The Ministry trying to end the Harem

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