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Looking for this author's m/m stories

Guest helpplsandthankyou

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Guest helpplsandthankyou

Hello! I’m looking for a particular author whose m/m works I loved a looong time ago (I’m pretty sure they had a dedicated following too). My memory’s a bit hazy, but I think these were written by the same author (if they weren’t, apologies!):

  • a bully who uses some puts some kind of dream-catcher(?) up on his headboard, which causes the guy he’s been bullying to show up, tied up, on bully’s bed, then they fuck.
  • a guy who wants to become a handsome, famous actor and sells his soul to the devil to do so. the devil has sex with the guy and slowly, the guy gets everything he asked for but dies in the end. 

If anybody knows of these stories and where I could find them/the author’s works, I’d be so grateful!

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