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Looking for a MM Clark/Lex fanfic

Guest EvilDjynnS

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Guest EvilDjynnS

Hi, I’m searching for a M/M Smallville fanfic with Clark Kent and Lex Luthor that I read a few years ago but can’t find now. In it, Lex and Clark begin as friends. Lionel is blind. Clark unwittingly puts on a class ring made of red kryptonite. He forces Lex to have sex which is interrupted by Clark’s parents. Clark apologizes to Lex and they begin to fall in love. Meanwhile, a former employee of Lionel Luthor, who was assigned to be Lex’s secret bodyguard, has become obsessed with Lex. He discovers Clark’s secret and uses it to kidnap Clark, then arranges a trade with Clark’s parents – Clark for Lex. Lex hands himself over to save Clark. The obsessed man holds Lex captive for three weeks, raping and torturing him, while Clark heals but remains in an unresponsive state. Finally, Lex screams out Clark’s name loud enough for Clark to hear him. Clark rescues him but remains unresponsive. When Lex returns home, he discovers his kidnapper is holding Lionel hostage. The kidnapper kills Lionel. Lex kills the kidnapper. Then Lex slowly recovers from his ordeal with Clark helping him. 


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