Danny phantom different start

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This challenge starts before episode 1

Sam and Tucker just left after Danny became a half ghost Danny ended up accidentally walking in on Maddie when she was showering he watched her for a minute he was lucky enough to get out before getting caught and that night he had a wet dream about Maddie and he had to have her

He trained to control his powers so he could spy on Maddie and use them to make her fall for him after a month later he decides to also use his powers to be a hero

Something that is different Paulina has noticed that Danny wasn't paying attention to her (she enjoyed all the losers attention on her) she ended up trying to get his attention again and ended up falling for him for reals

Danny and Maddie ended up together before public enemies and Maddie realized Danny phantom was her son during public enemies when he said something only he and her knew

This story could be only Danny and Maddie or a harem with Maddie as the main if harem Sam has to be in it 

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