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Wizard May Cry (Harry Potter/Devil May Cry Crossover)

Kid Coheed

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Post War Harry doesn't know what to do with himself, incredibly powerful both Physically and Magically Harry found himself struggling to find his place and a future that was acceptable to him. The Aurors seemingly wanted a mascot and PR man to plaster in front of cameras, Ginny wanted a husband who would follow her around the world while she played the game she loved and her husband watched. Even the people of England weren't content to sit by and watch their hero go to the store in peace his days of peace often broken by begging for Autographs and even Duels. 

It wasn't till one day while out in the countryside that Harry found his calling, fighting off the grotesque monsters and beast along with the enormous daemon leading and controlling them Harry leaded of the Underworld and its attempts to gain a foothold on earth. Harry becomes a demon hunter and gets drawn into the circle and adventures of The Legendary Devil Hunter Dante. 

÷ This is a plot focused idea, sex can and should be an important part of the story. But also kill demons tho ÷


- After the battle of Hogwarts Harry becomes Physically and Magically powerful, this can be due to him dying and coming back, him losing the Horcrux which was draining him, the Hallows which boost him, it can be due to the way he killed Voldemort he stole all the ritual effects Voldemort gave himself without the side effects, hell an angel could of come down and granted him this power. 

- Harry must start or soon become single and jobless, unchain him from Ginny and the Ministry, you can bash them sure just separate Harry from them. Harry can still love and care for the other Weasley's

- Harry Hunting Demons/Devils

- Give Dante a relationship


- Harry in a Slash Relationship

- Harry/Kyrie 

Request (Things I'd want but don't necessarily need to be in, pick and choose what you want) 

- Harry gains a Devil Trigger like mode, perhaps its a Devil Arm he gains or some kind of "Warlock Mode" he can enter temporarily. 

- Crossover parts of Castlevania and/or Onimusya and/or Bayoneta and/or God Hand

- Harry/Nico/Lucía/Veela as the pairing

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