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Billy Hippolytus

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Shota blessed Billy

Dom/Top Shota Billy


Because of him being already weakened the dying Wizard SHAZAM did something wrong while he was blessing Billy with his powers. 

Billy only got some part of them.

He got Hippolyta's strength instead of Hercules and the Powers and Stamina of Mars Roman God of War. His Body doesn't change to an Adult form but stays in his Shota Body.

Then he had the problem when Hippolyta found out about him and he was kidnapped by Amazons to Themyscira. His kidnapping was similar to that of Supergirl.
The Amazons are hardcore perverts, Son-Con Hippolyta.

His Body is in the position of perfected physique, his body's shape will never change.

His personality has changed; he now has both the characteristics of a god and a mortal; he sees everything in a mixed perspective; his dual nature allowed him to do so.

His looks had changed to be like that only not he is not a Adult.




Females To Include:






Amazons of Themyscira

etc. Heroes or Villains




Not allowed:

Hardcore BDSM

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