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Guest Bella

Trying to find 3 Glee stories

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Guest Bella

Story 1: starts out with Santana showing up at Rachel's house crying but it's raining out so Rachel can't tell right away. Rachel tries to shut the door on Santana but she gets her foot in the before Rachel can close it. Santana says something like she doesn't know why she came to Rachel but she knew Rachel would help her. Santana came out to her parents and they kicked her out, so Rachel's dads let her and eventually adopt Santana. 

Story 2: Puck and Rachel are making cupcakes at her house and he jokes about putting pot in them. When Jesse walks in, who Rachel is dating, yelling at Puck about getting Rachel involved in drugs. Puck and Jesse get into a fight and in the process of the fight Rachel gets hurt and ends up in the hospital. Her fathers demanding to know what happened, Puck's in her doorway when she is asked this question and he explains what happened. The nurse by her bedside wants to knows who she is involved with.

Story 3: Mr. Schue comes out of the school and finds Rachel curled up sleeping outside of the school. He asks her what is wrong she says her fathers beat her and kicked her out. She ends up being adopted by Mr. Schue, dating Puck and Puck comes to pick Rachel up for a date and Mr. Schue is feeling uncomfortable about letting Rachel go out with him. Puck says that feeling he is feeling is that of a protective father. Rachel's fathers try and take her home by force at the school with a lot of glee club around her. They end up breaking her arm and terrifying the kids. Some of them run back into the school for help.

I have been trying to find these stories for forever.

Thank you!!

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