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Anime Musical/Play- Inuyasha Version: Rin!


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Annie- Rin
Sandy- Kilala 

Daddy Warbucks- Sesshomaru 

Grace- Kagome

Ms. Hannagin- Kikyo

Rooster- Kouga

Finch -Ayame

Warbucks Body Guard/ Driver/ Gardner and  Right Hand- Inuyasha

Real Father- Miroku

Real Mother- Sango

President Roosevelt- Touga

Kids in the Orphanage

Shiori, Shippo, Kohaku, Kanna, Kagura


Creative license is allowed of course. The songs I do not think need to be added but I think lines from the songs, creatively incorporated would be nice. Will accept cross posting on another site of course as it’s rated G-ish. 

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