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Help, Im searching for this Sess/Kag fic

Guest Ami

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I know this fic story takes place in modern times, kagome is sort of almost homeless miko who disguises herself with a spell as a boy or young man to help poor people in need, she has also with her a cat named kirara, one time she is looking for shelter because its raining and she stopsĀ  to rest at a big parking lot in some office building, in the same time sesshomaru who works at this building has finished his work and is going to his car, at this point someone shot him with a special bullet and he is dying. Kagome saw everything and go to him to heal him with her powers, in order to save him she must enter his body/wound witch her spirit or powers, i dont remember, to fix all the damage, inside him she meets his beast in form of a giant dog.

If someone know the title of this story please write. Thanks

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