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The rogue Arrancars


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When Ichigo was in junior high school he was walking home or to school unknown to him above him was a hollow fighting a soul reaper the fight caused part of the building to fall Ichigo saw the rubble was going to fall on Orihime and Tatsuki he acted without thinking and  pushed  the two girls out of the way when they looked back to see who pushed them they saw Ichigo crushed and dying Orihime rushed to the boy she had a  crush on hoping to save him and Tatsuki tried calling an ambulance unfortunately the fight above them made more fall on Orihime

Not long after Ichigo and Orihime was watching an ambulance left not knowing that their bodies was in it and soon afterwards something happened to turn them into hollows

In Hueco Mundo Ichigo and Orihime  don't remember anything about their lives as humans except their names Ichigo has a desire to protect Orihime and Orihime has a  desire to stay by Ichigo as they was wondering around they learn that they can eat other hollows to grow stronger Ichigo decided that to protect Orihime he'll eat hollows Orihime joins him not wanting him to do it alone

They eventually become Vasto Lorde they meet a child Nel, Pesche, and Dondochakka Pesche and Dondochakka ended up telling Ichigo and Orihime what happened to Nel Ichigo not liking seeing Innocent people hurt promised to help by taking out the leader of the one who hurt Nel

After learning that the leader is in the Soul Society he and Orihime become Arrancars Pesche and Dondochakka was shocked by their strength being higher than the Espada Ichigo and Orihime go to the Soul Society the same time Rukia was arrested

Who was going to save her is

The substitute soul reaper Karin Kurosaki






Ichigo and Orihime ended up fighting both sides trying to get to Aizen your choice when Ichigo and Orihime team up with the humans it could be before  saving Rukia or after Aizen escaped

Nel, Pesche, and Dondochakka followed Ichigo and Orihime to the Soul Society

Ichigo and Orihime get together sometime before Arrancars or during or not long after they enter the Soul Society

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