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Taekook/Vkook (BTS) fanfic

Guest Sasha

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Guest Sasha


I am searching for a taekook/vkook fanfic.

I don't remember from which site I read it.  

Main pairing: Jeon Jungkook/Kim Taehyung (taekook/vkook) 

Side pairings: 

1. Min Yoongi/Park Jimin (Yoonmin) 

2. Kim Namjoon/Kim Seokjin (namjin) 


Things I remember about the story:

Jeon Jungkook is the son of a CEO. His father's sister (Jungkook aunt) is a fashion designer. His aunt has a daughter. His cousins age is between 5 to 10.

 Jungkook takes his little cousin to the amusement park, and while there he looses her. He calls his father and his father berated him for his carelessness and sends him home. His father then starts to search for her.

Taehyung was the one who found her and help her to search for her cousin brother. They met her uncle and she was returned to his care. Seeing how responsible taehyung was and finding  out that he recently finished his business degree he offers taehyung a job at his company and to tutor his son on handling business clients. 



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