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Creature fic HP/DM/BZ


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I am looking for a Harry Potter story where harry senses keep on being magnified. It turns out that he is a creature that is really rare. He is part of a triad with Draco and Blaise. They both have wings. When his senses go out like his hearing is when Draco finds him on top of the Astronomy Tower and cover with his wings to block out sound. I remember reading on but I can't find it now. I also don't know the name or the author's name of it. Please help.

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Guest This me

It's been a while but I think you might be looking for:

Night Light by Massanie

This one is a creature fic with HP/MP/BZ and some OCs but I don't think it's the one your looking for. But they do have wings too.

The Rise of the Drackens -:- By : StarLight_Massacre -:- Published : May 26, 2011


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