My hero castlevania

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Atop an old village lies an ancient castle that casts a menacing shadow. Recently, a rush of girlz have been abducted from their homes and their families worry that they have been turned into creatures of darkness for the castle's dark master, the vampire himiko.

Deku is a slayer in training entering the evil castle and the girls are all universal monster girl, like tsuyu the gill-man, hatsume mei the frankenstein creature, or tooru the invisible woman.

He winds up accidentally sesucing or charming all of them and frustratig the castle's vampire overlord, himiko. Despite being inexperienced and unwilling to hurt the nice ladies, deku brings the castle's command structure to shambles without meaning to, such as dodging detection by having the gill-man and .... not sure what ochaco is... maybe a ghost? Or alien? Kidnap him and fight over who gets to be his girl.

The story plays with a lot of classic elements, such as thr invisible man stripping to become unseen. Deku winds up groping and fondling tooru without meaning to because he tries to hide behind the same curtain as her and while trying to avoid other monsters and reaperatly flattens himself againat the wall, grinding into her by accident.


Sound interesting? I just thought there's a lot of potential for hero academia universal horror overlap with some of the designs, and gill-man tsuyu is just an adorable idea.

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