Bowser's not-so-grand plan. Or, bowsette didn't think this through.

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 I just had a somewhat novel notion based on these two comics:

This one actually xame out BEFORE the whole meme.

And this:


The idea is bowser pulls the 'turn into peach' scheme, and tries to flirt with mario a bit to keep her cover. But what he DOESN'T inow is peach keeps herself entirely chaste because her libido is too high and she cannot resist temptation well, so bowsers new hormones are messing with her head and her cover slips. Her transformation starts coming undone (vmbecoming blonde bowsette) as Shw flees back to her castle and fights mario.... but her powers are wonky as a result of not being used to them and mario has to save her a couple of times while fighting her.

The spell has apparently done something weird, however, and after being defeated shw becomes the more amazonian and curvy redheaded bowsette you see in some art instead of her nomal self. What's more, koopa's choose mates based on strength. And as bowser, peach's powerful sourcery and royal status made her irresistable and that crush is still burned into her brain. But mario's might and saving her makes HIM look appealing too. And bowsette desides to take what she wants, BOTH of them.

Cue her stealing mario and seducing him while peach comes to the rescue, then seducig her as well.


..... or that's the plan, except both mario and peach note that she is WAY to easy to seduce herself.


Feel free to write it however you want, but this is roughly how i see it.


First chapter is a sequence of bowser transforming to peach and explaining her plan slash groping herself.

Second is flirting with mario and lwtting her libido blow her cover

Third has her transform into bowsette and fight mario. During the fight, she starts enjoying it too much, and her thoughts go from crush him beneath her weight, to crush it beneath her thighs, then her thighs waiting for him and comments on his stamina and ripplig muscles. Mario notices

Fourth, she kidnaps mario and mocks peach for not taking what she wants, peach sets out and bowser tries to seduce him, but mario takes it over.

Fifth, peach arrives and a lust-drunk bowser tries to put up a front of menace (mario apologises to peach but she says she understands) and then peach gets aggressivly flirty while bartering for a truce. possibly while slipping mario power ups to increase his girth and increase the 'pressure' in bowsette periodically

Epilouge, mushroom and koopa kindgoms have merged, and bowser is living with mario and peach and being 'convinced' on various descisions.


Please comment or message me if this story interests you.

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