Naruto's surrogate hi-jinx

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I mistakenly posted this in the anime section. sorry. please comment or message me if this story interests you


naruto and hinata are trying for a kid, but hinata is apparently barren and they need a surrogate.

now naturally, they asked sakura, who they trust with this more than anyone. and while she and sasuke would do it she can't take time away from her work at the hospital.

After a while, sakura remembers naruto's old sexy jutsu... and realises SASUKE could be the surrogate. He's not involved in day-to-day village politics and no one would even notice if he took a leave of absence.

Now, naturally, he's not thrilled, but he eventually agrees because he does owe his old friend, and it's be a way to put some good back into the world. and Naruto's not thrilled about it either even though he appreciates it. So they come up with the idea of sasuke staying as a girl for a while so naurto starts thinking of her that way (or at least stops insinctivly seeing him as a guy)and so he can get used to it for when he's carrying the baby.

HOWEVER, what sasuke wasn't expecting was the hormone rush. It starts when sakura takes a night to reassure her ‘wife’ she still loves her and it’s a lot more than sasuke expected. after a few failed tries with naruto and an eventual successful one, her hormones are higher than ever, and though sasuke tries to burn it off with her wife, it's not enough.... and that toy sakura was using on her is begining to plant ideas in her head. She liked it a LOT more than she wants to admit....

Then it so she tells naurto it was a false positive, to get him to 'try' again. and things snowball from there.

long story short, naurto winds up with for wives.... and it turns out that the hinata things was an accident, but sasuke's too into this to care by this point.


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