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Strange Idea's Danny phantom story outlines/prompts

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no rape

No NTR, I’ve been told what it is and now I KNOW i don’t want it

No gore

 No bashing

No edgey nonsense

No downer endings or wanton character killing

Quality of writing is important to me, so if you try your hand please give it your best. I know you can make it interesting.

Character development

Story is king, erotica on it's own is not enough. Take your time ans build, the pauoff will be worth it.

Im more interested in character interaction and experimenting with relationship writing prefer to use erotoca to enhance, rather than making it the whole point. If you get burned out on such a story it's hard to enjoy after all.

No scat.... eww

Try and keep people in-character or a twist on the character

Make it as beleivable as possible, at least by internal logic


a reminder that i do intend to write at least a version of this story, but am completely okay with other’s trying their hand at it


Danny phantom

1) A retelling of the series from desiree's first appearance onwards. Sam happens to wish for a 'another girl for a friend', and desiree is accidentally stuck being that friend. She is cut off from most of her powers and can only grant Sam's wishes or act on her behalf. She disgyises herself as an exhang student and chooses sam as her guide to keep in character and annoy her.danny and the others are worried where  desiree went, but sam reluctantly covers for her 'friend' at least until she can prove she's still hostile. At first, Desiree fakes it, pretending to be sams friend and provide support against ghosta to make havoc and push her to bad decisions, but she grows fond of sam, even allowing her to 'borrow' her ghost powers to give danny backup annonymously (danny is suspicious of the new girl, ironically correctly thinking she's the missing desiree performing a long plan, but grows to trust her) and get a second perona to flirt with him (she's terrible at it). In return, sam pushes for her to be a better person, and cuting her off from her wishes causes Desiree to think it over and realise she's been a slave to the power so long she doesn't know what she wants anymore. Thinking back to her time in the harem and how she is of her new master, she realises what she wants. She starts puahing danny and sam together, but also subtly seducing sam (passing it off as quirks or tips on getting her man) and trying to help her appreciate the female form (by drawing her attention to pretty girls), laying the ground to be their mistress (while also making note of 'potentials', though this subplot is optional). This breifly backfires whem sam does begin to appreciate girls, but is desensitised to desiree. Sam eventually finds out what she's doing, and is mad and offput at first thougj decides she'd be okay with it but she needa time to adjust and to figure out how to approach danny. Danny also finds out due to meeting a greiving desiree in the 'ultimate enemy' future, and uses this to talk to sam and desiree about it. This may be where sam learns desiree's plan. They have a bit of a fallout, but not too much since desiree has shown she's more or less a goodguy. They reconcile and decide to start tenatively dating. Epilouge is their happy married home life. The fic follows the series initially, but changea begin to stack up and take things in new directions, while also exploring underused concepts from season 3. This is arguably less of an adult fanfic, unless danny phantom story prompt 3 is included as a sublot.

2) in a world were Danny has yet to ask sam out (ironically being about to before this scheme gets in the way) Sam and Ember (who is canonically a big enough secret admirer to shave his logo into her head and make a guitar shaped like it based on the ‘10 years later’ design) both independently come to the conclusions that danny needs another human/ghost hybrid as both a partner and for a girlfriend (They both want to be both, but sam mostly wants to be there for him and take some weight off his shoulders, awkwardly sputtering over the girfriend implications and missing his interest in her, being ironically frustrated he hasn’t noticed her but having accepted it. Ember, however, tells herself she wants to seduce him and admits it would be fun to fight alongside him, but is covering more tender feelings of belonging and admiration). It's an idle fantasy, until they each happen to learn they other thinks so too, meet up and agree to team up and be that ghost girl. Sam is annoyed working with someone as unruly and self-confident as ember, and ember is annoyed at having to team up with her ‘main competion’, but they put things aside.

The plan is to half possess sam, giving her ghost powers and leaving her with free will, and letting ember live out her wild side while doing so. (insert montage of bonding over failed attempts here, or not, skipping to the end result) the process, however is a bit more... intimite then the exepected, due to both exerting their will to be solid. They also both feel a sensory overlap and, well, one thing leads to another. The new form isn't created until they both reach release (having both forgotten about it in the process) and collapse into each other, which they later realised worked because they both were blanked out and so relaxed and willing to accept each other. they then fly off to find danny.

part two has the new ghost-girl, essentially sam with ember-like characteristics such as fire hair in sam's style alternating between trying to aid and seducing danny. (possibly insert a montage of times she wunexpectedly shows up and danny’s changing reaction, also the girls discovering they can just fuse at will now without the ‘lead-up’ and are both privately disappointed). He resists first out of wariness then frustration, but eventually respects and trusts her enough to sit down with her and tell he he’s not interested, he’s got this friend he’s been trying to tell he loves her… Sam reveals it;s her and he FINALLY recognises her.

they confess, and begin kissing. (ember is heartbroken but asks sam to let her stick around for this one. sam agrees) After Danny lays with ghost-sam, she splits back into two and ember tries to leave, but sam insists she stays, and danny has no objections  or idea what’s happening (having gotten the girl of his dreams and even more). they then have a threesome


3) A combination of the aboce two with three sets of ghosts and girls competing for Danny's attention and hand. Sam/ember, valerie/dorothea, and paulina/desiree. More Stretched out than number 2 and allowing for more growth. If worked into number 1, pairs will be desiree/sam, valerie/ember and dorothea/paulina.The erotic method is part of desirees plan and 'lets her give more power the stronger the connection is'. She talks ember into making a similar play and even suggests a candidate. Ember keeps up the erptic conection charade, partially as a favour to desiree and partially for her own amusement. Paulina steals the amulet to become a ghost girl, but dorothea is a suprisingly positive influence, though in her case willingly channeling power i to the amuet actually IS that erotic.

I;m considering writing this as just a relationship story with minimal erotic elements.... but it could work either way

4) during a christmas truce party, danny notes that sam, paulina and valerie have been icy towards each other recently and wishes the girls intereted in him would ‘work something out’. a drunk desiree overhears and grants the wish in a way she didn’t intend.


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