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Strange_idea's samurai Jack story outline/challenge thread

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no rape

No NTR, still not sure what it is but i hear i don't want it

No gore

 No bashing

No edgey nonsense

No downer endings or wanton character killing

Quality of writing is important to me, so if you try your hand please give it your best. I know you can make it interesting.

Character development

Story is king, erotica on it's own is not enough. Take your time ans build, the pauoff will be worth it.

Im more interested in character interaction and experimenting with relationship writing prefer to use erotoca to enhance, rather than making it the whole point. If you get burned out on such a story it's hard to enjoy after all.

No scat.... eww

Try and keep people in-character or a twist on the character

Make it as believable as possible, at least by internal logic


So, learning from my mistakes, i’m creating a thread for each of my story ideas.

If you want to discuss it, have thoughts or suggestions or want to have a go, feel free to PM me or simply post in this forum


Samurai Jack:

Since he became immune to time, we can use that. Have him either lay with, give a blood transfusion to the girls that strike you and have THAT slow down and eventually stop their ageing, so everyone's in the endgame era. Oneshots for everyone, they realise offscreen and go looking for him. They find him an join him, seeking to use the chance to end aku and since he's propbably the only one who'll lice like them so they want answers. If you like, this has the side effect that more sisters survive the fight, but ashi is the only one he doesn't loose when the worm swallows them, so she falls for him first and is put in charge of convincing her sisters when the others catch up (Daughter of aku prisoners in tow). The ending is different in that the greater 'time immunity' means they all survive the trip into the past. Girls include the rave girl, josephine the bounty hunter, ashi and the sisters and at least one scottsmans daughter.

  - josephine




  - olivia (Rave girl)


- Maybe kuni


- Priness mira



  - ashi



  - daughters of aku



  - at least one scottsman's daughter (probably flora)



 - that girl who kissed him in the past.


The fandom calls her 'cricket girl'

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