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Orihime's practice


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Orihime is nervous about her and Ichigo's first date (mainly because her friends convinced her Ichigo will try to have sex with her something she became excited about but was worried if she wasn't good enough Ichigo won't want a second date) so Orihime came up with a great plan a practice date/sex with one of her friends unfortunately all of them was experience in both then she thought if her human friends won't work why not a Shinigami/Soul Reaper (you can call them whatever you like)

The first one she asked was Rukia unfortunately was busy (Rukia was getting ready for her date with Renji) she then tried Rangiku who agreed

That night Rangiku went to the see Orihime she even gave Orihime some advice on what to well to look sexy on the date Orihime was wearing a mini skirt a shirt that showed off her breasts and a thong after the date Rangiku walk Orihime home and the part that that Orihime was nervous about the sex Rangiku asked if Orihime knew how to kiss too which Orihime revealed that she and Ichigo have been kissing she not sure if either of them all (the reason is that they have kissed is their first date was supposed to be earlier but both of their jobs/having to fight Hollows kept having to push the date back and Orihime wasn't sure if she or Ichigo was good at it because she only ever kissed him and he only ever kissed her)

As Orihime was making out with Rangiku they was feeling each other up Orihime thought she felt something weird but thought she imagined it until Rangiku was naked Rangiku had something that Orihime never saw the other times she seen Rangiku naked and that was a dick Rangiku noticed Orihime's confusion and explained that this is a experimental gigai that she agreed to be the test subject she was supposed to seduce a human but after Orihime asking for help she decided to have Orihime help test it for her

Rangiku then asked Orihime if it's a safe day for her confused Orihime said yes Rangiku then said that she won't be needing these throwing a box of condoms to the side and telling Orihime that the gigai the Rangiku was using was design to allow a woman to impregnate another woman for some reason (it was Suì-Fēng how asked the 12th Division in hopes of using it on Yoruichi) Orihime wasn't sure about letting Rangiku use the gigai to take her virginity as she wanted Ichigo to have it but Rangiku touched Orihime's hair pins and told her that if she wants Ichigo to fuck her as a virgin she can just use her Shun Shun Rikka to return herself to being a virgin

After hearing that Orihime reluctantly agreed to let Rangiku use the gigai on her Orihime and Rangiku then proceeded to practice having sex all night long Rangiku just don't fuck Orihime's pussy she fucked her ass taught her to give blowjobs and titty fuck

What else happens is up to you but I'd like it to end the day after Orihime and Ichigo's date with Orihime being disappointed because Ichigo didn't try to have sex with her (he told her he didn't want her thinking all he wanted to do was have sex with her) and telling her friends that she didn't need to practice having sex with Rangiku which leads to Chizuru getting a nosebleed and fainting with a lustful look on her face


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