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DBZ Goku/Vegeta vs ChiChi

Guest unknown authoress

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Guest unknown authoress

Hi everyone! I'm hoping that you can help me find a story. 

Somehow Goku and Vegeta end up together and Chi Chi hates it. She takes them to court but gets a ride awakening when the guys tell the judge that she basically raped/child molested Goku because he was not mature when they married that to their alien race he Das a child. Then Gohan or Goten tells the judge how mommy hit daddy all the time and some how money gets brought up and  Chi Chi says that they never had any money because Goku always are them out  of house and home. He tells her that the account that she was using WAS just for food and that all the money for his tournaments was in another account she just never bothered to ask.

Or I mixed a lot of the details up but that's the gist of the story. Pretty please help if you can?

Please and thank you

Unknown Authoress 

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