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Brandon's Hos


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  • Brandon’s Hos
  • Pokemon
  • Brandon/Harem
  • Brandon sets on his Pokemon journey, not to completely the Pokedex, but turn the women of Hoenn into his personal breeding miltanks.
  • The only chapter that is up is basically the prologue , so you can start the story at Brandon arriving in Hoenn.
  • Summary of the plot
    • `Brandon travels all over Hoenn, fucking, and knock up, women and catching Pokemon
      • Brandon is to have a fetish for breasts.
        • The bigger, the better
        • and lactating
    • Any Pokemon are not for sex, just battling.
    • Follows the 3rd gen games plot.
    • Any girl can be in the harem, even OCs. Just make sure they have big boobs.
  • If you wish to take over, just leave a reply saying you what too, or just PM.
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