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Dancing With The Sadist

Guest CidAngelsTears

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Guest CidAngelsTears

The story I am looking for is ‘Dancing With The Sadist”, it was a Black Jewel Trilogy fanfiction and was Daemon/Lucivar. Daemon was nervous about sleeping with Jaenelle, because of the Sadist part of his personality. Lucivar goads him into taking him in a effort to prove that Daemon can control himself. Daemon accuses Lucivar of being broken by the people who had them as slaves, and needing pain to get off. That his wife Marian was too sweet. Lucivar keeps pushing and Daemon fights back mocking him. When Lucivar tries to  leave, he finds himself unable to move or speak. The Sadist had taken over Daemon’s personality and pointed out he gave him plenty of warning. Ends up taking him up against the wall with his arms pulled around Daemon’s neck with black threads. The story ends with Daemon and Lucivar wishing they  had gotten to do this before Witch came into being. Then they hear Jaenelle call for Daemon and he leaves.

I don’t know if this got taken down or anything. If you guys know the author, can you give me their name? Even if the author is unwilling to share the story because they were dissatisfied with it or the site took it down. Maybe they would be willing to create a different fic or something? Any help would be appreciated.

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