Harry Potter: aka The Bitch of Dudley's Gang

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Guest I'm Weird And That's OK

In case you haven’t seen my other challenge Marge’s New Pet Bitch: Harry, go check it out, only that is more centered around him basically acting and being treated like the actual definition of a bitch states, a female dog. The only difference is that he is a bitch for anyone and anything Marge commands. You may see some similarities here, I have a slight problem and there are not enough fanfictions to fill them.

I tried to create an account on here, but each time I pressed submit, it acted like I did nothing and sent me back to the start of making one. I’ll figure it out later so that way I can post here.



  • Just like the name says, Harry (can be female or male I don’t care) has been part of Dudley’s gang SINCE THE BEGINNING OF THE GANG! and has been the bitch from the very start.
  • Sexual stuff starts very soon after.
  • Harry does WHATEVER THEY SAY WHENEVER THEY SAY IT! You can make up the reason why.
  • An origin story for why Dudley knows what a bitch is can be, Harry is always called a Bitch by Vernon and Vernon explains what a bitch is to Dudley and what it means for Harry to be one.
  • Multi-chapter please, a decent length of 10k-15k words total in the story minimum.
  • The gang doesn’t treat Harry better than they did before, only this time they are protective and don’t try to get him in trouble. Bullying and humiliation, yes. Always blaming things on him and allowing OTHERS like Vernon to bully and humiliate him, no.
  • Harry should have some sort of uniform involving toys and a collar.
  • BRING FORTH THE KINKS (what is that word that starts with an S that some people use instead of kinks for the more hardcore stuff like vore or watersports?) I DON’T CARE WHAT THE KINK IS IF YOU WANT TO USE IT THEN USE IT! NOTHING LIKE THAT TURNS ME AWAY!
    • I am preferential to the more “hardcore” type kinks like scat, watersports, bestiality, small penis humiliation, submission whether it be forced or voluntary, things like that if you want what I’m looking for, but if you can’t write with those or you have an idea for a story like this and can’t work the kinks in then don’t worry about it, just write what you want.
  • If you do have magic there are some requirements:
    • 1. USE IT WELL! Have the Dursley’s not be scared of it and instead utilize it a good example of both this and what I am looking for (if you want to take it in that sort of direction) would be The Collar and the Carrot where someone gives Vernon a magical collar that makes Harry complicit and follow every order he gives. A;so, potions, spells, transfiguration, all that can be used on the human body. Take that information and run with it. (For some reason my mind always goes to breasts.)
    • 2. No Voldie.
    • 3. Either he doesn’t go to Hogwarts or he does up to you. If he does go to Hogwarts, try to work a way so that Harry and the gang are NEVER SEPARATED for longer than 2-3 days. Also, Harry doesn’t stay in the wizarding longer than needed to go to Hogwarts.
  • Harry NEVER gets “saved” from being a bitch, whether he loves it or not, he stays the bitch for the gang the rest of his life.
    • One way to ensure that would be to make Dudley smart and eventually become a crime lord or mob boss or something like that.
  • I think Harry should have a little resistance to becoming the Bitch at first, but he eventually becomes a slut for it or he just accepts it and does as told.
    • If he is just accepting it, PLEASE have him at least a little at war with himself where he actually LIKES some of the things the gang has him do.
  • My original idea for this type of fanfiction came from the first few chapters of Harry’s New Life, ignore the part about the dog being Sirius and you have yourself pretty much what I’m looking for.
    • If anything its the submission, the use of the waterbottle, and the fact that Harry has a small penis that I REALLY loved. PLEASE HIT THEM ALL! You don’t have to but PLEASE!
  • You get bonus points if Harry gets renamed something humiliating like Bitch and only answers to that name.


If you have any questions or comments, please leave them.

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Guest DimTim

Could have Harry dressing like a prostitute all the time eg; stockings, thong, miniskirts, crop top and high heels. Everyone in Private Drive thinks that Harry had always been a girl but had been a tomboy and dressed and acted like a boy until recently and was now overcompensating for her past boyishness, something that Petunia pushes enjoying the fact that Perfect Lily’s son is being made into a bitch by her beloved Dudley but not wanting to have any more ‘freakishness’ being attached to her family. 

After the first couple of letters from Hogwarts come and are destroyed Dudley demands to know what’s going on, Vernon and Petunia decide to tell the truth knowing they are likely to continue being harassed by letters, Harry tries to act up learning the truth about his parents but Dudley bends him over and spanks him until he behaves again. Dudley decides that he wants to go to Diagon Alley so that he can see some of his bitch’s world, partly out of curiosity, partly to see if there is anything drug like that he could resell in the muggle world for profit. Dudley and Harry go to the magical bank in order to get money changed to use in the alley and learn that Harry has a vault there, they don’t have a key for it but get a new one made and all others are made unusable, Dudley keeps the key even though he can only use it with Harry, they are startled with all the money that is in the vault and Dudley already has plans on how to use it to make more through criminal means. (could also include stuff like Dudley fucking Harry on a pile of golden coins or wearing his mother’s wedding dress that’s stored in there)

Harry goes to Hogwarts but has to wear his normal clothes under his robes at all times, Harry goes to Hogsmeade every weekend to meet Dudley after giving the staff a note from his Aunt and Uncle to allow it, the staff have no choice but to allow it. At one point Harry thought that Hogwarts might finally be his escape from the Dursley’s but it told by Dumbledore that he will have to go back every Summer Harry decides that it isn’t worth fighting the weekly visits of Dudley as his life would be much worse if he tried anything.

While at Hogwarts Dudley orders Harry to be researching things that could be making him money like drugs or things that could be used in sex like Polyjuice potion being used so that people can fuck celebrates, potions to make Dudley and his gangs dicks bigger or give Harry temporary breasts.

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