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4 minutes ago, Strange_idea said:

Yeah, but they're very western expressions. I dunno.

Well, India, back in the day, had a patriarchal system comparable to that of the Romans, though they also had a cultural emphasis on men being able to please their women.  After all, we are talking about the culture that literally wrote the book on neet ways to have sex – the Kama Sutra.

7 minutes ago, Strange_idea said:

I feel just having the bear and snake grumble to each other and move on would be enough but I see why you went there. 

I had to tie things up with Kaa, and a hungry bear attacking him before they plummet to their deaths seemed like the best way to do it.

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Has anyone seen Interspecies Reviewers?  For those who haven’t, it’s about a ragtag group of adventurers in a fantasy land that goes to different brothels comprised of different fantasy race girls give reviews on them.  It presents a lot of interesting concepts and shows that the writers put a lot of time and effort into fleshing these girls out, what turns them on, what they like and don’t like, etc.

One of the first concepts brought up is something that would fit well in a “Would you rather…?” scenario and asks which is more important in a sexual partner – age or appearance.  The human of the group, Stunk (yes, that’s his name) thinks age doesn’t matter as long as the girl looks fine, but Zel (an elf in the group) and the others think that age is more important.  As such, Zel and the others would rather get with an elderly-looking human woman who’s in her 60s or 70s, as opposed to a young-looking elf woman who’s 500+ years old.  Adding to that is that, apparently, older elves have a musky smell to them that magical races are sensitive to, but humans aren’t.

What do you guys think?  Age or appearance?

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Just finished and uploaded the latest chapter of “Ben 10: A Bend In Reality”.  No lemons, but there’s plenty of action to be had, and it sets up the lemon for the next chapter.

As always, let me know what you guys think in a review.  If you have any criticisms, make sure they’re of the constructive variety.  Hope you all enjoy!

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