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Xover: Kagome/Hiei

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Guest **Guest**

I’ve been looking for a lot of Kagome/Hiei Crossover. It seems some of the stories are gone. 

The main story I’m trying to find is when Kagome and Hiei get together in the past, while they were at a hot spring together, Kagome gets sent back to the future with no way back. Hiei leaves the Inu group, thinking she died. In the Future, Kagome is found in the forest by a girl, whom turned out to be friends with Kurama. Kagome mumbles about Hiei being dead, which cause the girl to call Kurama to check on this info. Kurama finds Hiei and Hiei smelled Kagome’s scent on Kurama and goes and off to find her. Hiei finds Kagome, takes her back to Kurama’s apartment. Kurama tells the girl that someone had played a really bad joke on Kagome about Hiei being dead. 

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