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[Oh my goddess] The Vain Rose's garden Review replies & Discussion thread


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Guess who’s back, and with a new chapter, too B-) I must admit that what initially started as a simple, relaxing chapter after the latest two chapters, turned out to be a nightmare to write, due to a certain scene that happened to involve Belldandy.

To be fair, the necessity of that incident will be more apparent after the next chapter, where she’s going to do the same (and then some) with Keiichi, but the for the time being, it might seem a bit out of place as it is. Of course, if I just wanted her to sleep around, I would’ve already done it. Which is also why I’ve got my reasons to do it this way.

Unfortunately, this caused a lot of delays, as I found myself going back and forth about the execution of said scene, and I did actually have to rewrite entire chunks of it. So much so, that it significantly added to the delay between this and the previous chapter.

That being said, I felt that it was for the best to keep it, as it will work nicely with some future developments that involve Keiichi.

Finally, I’d like to everyone who’s been following this story ever since I started it, all the way back in April 1, 2016. This might in fact be the longest running active AMG story here, and while it’s taking me longer to finish the chapters, I do plan to keep it going, until I reach its conclusion.

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Hi! Always delighted to read a new chapter from you ! And the erotism is back. Well,  they deserved it. Even if Keiichi still didn't have anything ;-)

I see that you'll bring Ansuz in the mix. What will be her relationship with Keiichi : who knows (apart you) ? But I'm hoping some fun scenes like with her arrival on Urd & Belldandy. I like also the development between Hild & her protégée (forgot her name).

You also start to hint on the speciality of Keiichi concerning godesses which I felt the Manga didn't quite answered. I remember Tyr saying that Keiichi will be special and may become a god at the end of the Manga. But that's all.i felt frustate. So I like that you'll answer to this. Another point is the  we aspect of Urd and her demonic side. I don't remember that was really exploited in the Manga except for an arc.

then there is  Vornir. I can't wait to see him fall.

And what will sayoko do to the group?

See you next time!

It’s really nice to hear from you as well, il_dodo! I was so late with this chapter, that I feared no one would even remember this story; let alone keep with it.

Now, given that I’m still wrapping up the previous arc, I wanted to keep Keiichi from having too much fun with the ladies. This was especially important with World of Elegance, since she should’ve been the first angel to talk with him, especially now that she could. As such, it feels more in character for Keiichi to worry about her, and try to spend more time talking about her problems, rather than trying to get hot and bothered with her. Of course, he did earn some good points with her, and that’ll come in handy later on :thumbsup:

Ansuz… is a tricky subject. She’s definitely going to get more involved in the story, but not necessarily in the most anticipated (or straight forward) manner. I’d rather keep her from entering a rather awkward relationship (in any sense of the word) with Keiichi, although… some fun scenes might be possible. Providing that those are handled with the right care, and there’s a decent justification for them. Even then, she’s still Tyr’s wife, and Bell and Skuld’s mother, so, it’s highly unlikely that she’ll do anything to upset any of them.

As a matter of fact, I’ve been dropping several hints from the earlier chapters, although now I’m getting a bit more obvious about it. I’m well aware of how the manga left us with several unanswered questions, and I wish to address more than one of them. I can’t say that my approach is ideal or not, but I’m pretty sure than I’m taking one step at a time, just to avoid making everything look too incredulous. Also, since this is essentially an AU, I wish to avoid (and potentially fix) some of the issues from the late manga. Also, I do want to explore more of Urd’s demonic side, although that also needs to be done the right way.

Who doesn’t? Then again, he’s got a role to play in this story, and I’m hardly done with him.

Sayoko’s role will be somewhat similar to the one she had in the manga, although I’ll make several tweaks to it, just so he motivations won’t feel that superficial. Still, I can’t exactly call her a villain in any fashion, especially when compared to characters like Aoshima and Vornir.

Likewise! Of course, if you’re reading this, I’d be more than happy to answer anything additional you wish to ask. Just post it here, or even send it in a pm, if you feel it’s too much of a spoiler. Regardless, thank you for keeping up with my story!

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On 1/7/2020 at 10:28 PM, Guest Rakka said:

It is a masterpiece! I started translating myself into literary Russian :))) Many thanks to the author for this work! He is almost perfect!


You started translating it? That’s fantastic! I had no idea that anyone would like my story enough to do such a thing.

If you have a link to the translated version, please don’t be afraid to drop it here. I’d like to give you a shout out in the author’s notes on the next chapter. 

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