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Review replies for "King of Kings, Ruling over Rulers"

Guest DarthImperius

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Guest DarthImperius

As obvious, this topic was created with the purpose of replying to reviews made in my story "King of Kings, Ruling over Rulers". The story itself is divided in two parts, the first being focused on Harry's inheritance and family legacy, while the second on is more...well, I cant exactly say without spoiling it. The story has no explicit scenes, and while sex happens, it is not even mentioned, and only implied by common sense.

The story is also focused on the Byzantine (Eastern Roman) Empire, and the fictional religion I created for the story is one of the story's pillars.

Here is the link to it: http://hp.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600098577

Now, to the replies:


To BAFan:

Chapter 1 Review:

  • The Perennial cult will be far more explained in the story, be assured of that, but if you want to know more, just ask me.
  • Thanks for pointing that out. I forgot to correct that mistake.

Chapter 2 Review:

  • While there are many families, this is not one of those stories where Harry suddenly has a lot of names without a proper reason. I like to follow proper history, and while Harry has a large name (and the name which appears in this chapter is a short version of it), it is because in real life, royal and imperial houses (especially from the Iberian Peninsula) has the tendency of giving many names to their children.
  • "NMA" means Noble and Most Ancient

Chapter 3 Review:

  • The "decorate" thing was my native language trying and somewhat succeeding to "take over". What I meant was that he had to remember word by word the Prochiron Aucta.

Chapter 4 Review:

  • Crusader Kings 2 is a grand strategy video game where the player plays as a dynasty and whose single objective is to make sure that your dynasty survives. It is full of intrigue (including killing babies and old people so that your line can inherit titles and by extension land), and is also known due to is Game of Thrones mod.
  • Byzantium FTW was basically a reference to the game, where you can play as the Byzantine Empire and with the correct expansion (DLC) you can restore the Roman Empire and heal the Great Schism between the Orthodox and the Catholic churches (with the Orthodox as the dominant one of course).
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