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Searching for a Fic?

If there's a story on AFF that you're looking for but can't remember the name of then this is the place to post your query.

The best thing you can do is to describe as much of the story as you can remember. “I'm looking for a story that had sex in it” isn't going to be of much help to anyone.

This isn't the place to then discuss the story once it's been named for you. Nor are you permitted to ask for people to send you copies of the story if it's been removed from AFF. If the story is gone then that's because it's either broken AFF's Terms of Service (written while under-age, for example) or, more likely, the author took it down for one reason or another. Either way, respect our decision or the author's decision. This also isn't the place to ask someone to write a story for you. We have a Challenges/Requests section for that.

If you've located a story for someone, and you're a member of this forum, then it would be helpful if you could post a link directly to that story. That will really help the person searching for it. Keep in mind, though, that if you're a guest then you're not permitted to post links; you can thank spammers for that.

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