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Serenity: Review Responses


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Thank you so much for joining me on another story, those of you who have read my work before. I have completed 13 chapters of Serenity and it will end at just under 20. This is the 3rd story I've uploaded this year on this site which is unlike me considering I'd taken a break for three years. I guess that means I've made up for lost time, and am grateful that the ideas keep flowing. And to you the readers, thank you so much for your support, now on to the review responses.

Chapter 1

Youngblood: It's funny you would say it's not too surreal, because as I was writing it I was thinking, wow everything is going to take place on one planet for a change, hehe. And as far as the characters' relationship being a bit of a cliché, I hope I do them justice. =) Btw, your username is the same as that Jem and the Holograms song that I can't get out of my head. I absolutely did not go see the movie, but I like the song!

Tahn: /waves. I believe this is the third story you have followed me on, I'm honored!

Katniss Everdeen: I am really surprised that your favorite is In the Land of Arborea, because it's a fanfiction for a video game. It didn't get nearly as much traction as my originals, so I really don't plan to do anything like that again. I have thought of publishing, but what I may start off with is trying to get e-stories for tablets up on Amazon. I still have a day job and I sort of feel that my level of writing would be what someone would say 'don't quit your day job' for, hehe. And I really do enjoy just posting here for free to get some feedback. =)

Rukia Isaioi: I get where you're coming from, and I have never written this type of fic where one of the main characters outright owns the other. Usually the seme is the knight in shinning armor type, and you will find that Xander is not going to be that for most of this story. In fact he does something in chapter 2 that might make people not like him too much. =p The characters will struggle with their inequality and the Sendrian society and values will play a big role in it.

Chapter 2

Ciara_D: Thank you for your review.

Tahn: And more drama to come...

Rukia Isaioi: I totally get where you're coming from. I know the story description indicates that Tian and Xander will eventually fall for each other, but right now I believe their relationship is true to their situation. Tian would kill Xander if he got a chance, and Xander outright admitted to Tian that he could never love him, but that his performance would decide whether or not he made it onto Xander's list of favorites. I understand that you don't see at this early stage in the story how that would change for them to later love each other. But much can happen between now and the several chapters yet to come.

Chapter 3

Moku_Sui: You will just have to keep reading to find out. =)

Tahn: You know my stories always have a HEA, but it won't be easy for these two to get there.

Rukia Isaio: Your reviews are very well thought out and I look forward to hearing from you. I do have a plan on how their relationship will come around.

Lala: At this stage in my writing career, when I put something out there, I want a finished product. So thank you for showing your appreciation on that. As for the story, I have a feeling Xander may have made a few other people uncomfortable with his actions. I haven't written a character like him before but I know it will all work out. =)

:): Thank you for the review!

Chapter 4

Rukia Isaioi: I read Blood Red a while back but not the other one. My main characters I would say are nothing like the characters in BR either. Tian is a prisoner of war turned slave, and Xander really has no misconceptions about his own stature and power.

Lala: It is more like a turn of the century universe in terms of technology. They do have guns, and travel consists of steam powered vehicles and air ships. As for Xander's comment, he really is arrogant enough to feel that if Tian's eyes were red-rimmed because of him, then Tian would have been deserving of it if Xander had been forced to punish him. But in this case, Gardiner is the cause of Tian's distress and it's rubbing Xander the wrong way. Chapter 5 and 6 will see the answers to the wife son, and number of whoreslaves question.

Tahn: That is a big if.

Zas: Thank you for your review. Unfortunately there is no magic of any kind if this story, and as a rule I never write Mpreg.

smint45: Thank you for joining me on another story!

Chapter 5 (Tough crowd for this one so far. But thanks for voting all you non reviewers who hate Xander. =p)

Yuno: I agree Xander is a piece of work. I like Game of Thrones but I did not watch last season.

Rukia Isaioi: Tian's ideas for revolution are just that, ideas. I didn't want to spoil anything too soon, but he'll find that Xander's household will make his plans difficult due to the fact that he employs most of the people in those suggested professions and the only slaves present are actually the whoreslaves. Thanks for your feedback and your ideas are great, but they won't change my story at his point considering I already have 15 chapters complete.

Tahn: I understand your suspicion, Tian is Darnubis' competition so why would he be so welcoming? Unless he really is just that nice of a guy... =o

Chapter 6:

Tahn: Anything is possible.

Rukia Isaio: Tian meets Xander's son in Chapter 7 and let's just say that Tian isn't exactly happy on the get-to.

Chapter 7 and 8

Rukia Isaioi: it took Xander a while to come around. And you are not wrong in assuming Genner may be up to no good with Darnubis as well. As for what happens to freed slaves and the elderly, that will be explained in upcoming chapters. Children are bought and sold, same as adults.

Mona Thompson: remember that Tian is really at war with the Sendrians, and his desire to overthrow them. Hurting Darnubis would gain him nothing, and even if Darnubis secretly doesn't like Tian, it's not enough in his eyes to destroy Darnubis' world. More on this will be revealed in Chapter 9.

angela: new reviewer, thank you for your insight, and there will be more on Gardiner in future chapters.

smint45: I had been posting two chapters a week, but as this is Thanksgiving week, there will be only one chapter on Monday. I imagine it's kind of nice to have a bunch of chapters to read at once.

Chapter 9

Lavi1443: I didn't want the obligated whoreslave rivalry to come off as contrived. The niceness will not last though. =o

Tahn: but just a mini one. =p

Rukia: You're pretty close on your guess as to the identity of the woman Darnubis cares for. It will be revealed in Chapter 10.

Lala: I suppose Jenen doesn't earn any points for changing his mind from loosing his virginity at 14 to just watching two guys have sex. But he is an only child of a lord, who clearly spoils him rotten.

Moku_Sui: Stay tuned for the revelation of the 'she' in Chapter 10.

Chapter 10

Tahn: Nope, not even Narciso blames Tian for winning the sparring match as he mentioned.

Rukia: I was confused when you kept typing Cancer, I was thinking, 'does she hate Xander that much?' hehe.

zas: my updates are on a once a week every Monday schedule.

Sara: apologies if you are disappointed with the story. But you are right, Tian and all the other whoreslaves do exhibit signs of Stockholm syndrome. If you have read any of my other work, then you know I don't normally write this type of story. But I believe my story description is clear enough, and I'm sorry if you went into it unprepared.

Chapter 11

Rukia: yes, progress is good!

Tahn: It seems inevitable doesn't it?

Anon: thank you for your review!

Chapter 12 and 13

Lala: Turns out she was still alive!

Tahn: Many died, but luckily Delia survived.

Rukia: thank you for your ever faithful reviews!

Diaval: New reviewer! I think you will like the outcome of chapter 14.

ASL: New Reviewer, thank you for the feedback!

Lavvy: Thanks for the feedback!

Chapter 14 and 15

Diaval: At this time I don't have any plans to write sequels for any of the other characters. This story is taking me a bit longer to complete than I would have liked. It should all be wrapped up by the end of February though.

Rukia: Gardiner was indeed Tian's ex fiancée, and you'll see Tian continue to blame himself for what happened to him.

Tahn: Thank you for your continued support!

Moku_Sui: You are the only one who mentioned that little revelation by Narsico. Serenity will be explained in Chapter 16

Chapter 16 - 18

Moku_Sui, Tahn, Mona Thompson: Thank you for your support, you know something had to give, but did Tian go from the frying pan to the fire? ;)

Diaval: Tragedies are not my thing, I hope you will be happy with the ending. =)

Anon: Wow, I had not though of ai no kusabi in a while, but like I said to Diaval, I don't do tragedies.

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Guest Mochi

I just finished binge-reading this story and god, I could not stop! I know you mentioned that readers didn't particularly like the male lead for being a mix of villain and good guy, but I personally think Xander was written particularly well. There was a lot about the story I liked, but was very much in love with the development of the characters (I rooted for them so hard!!). I'll continue reading your other stories as well.^^

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