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Spike's Princeling BtVS Challenge! Spike/Xander

Guest VampireGoddess

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Guest VampireGoddess

BtVS Non-Crossover

Pairing: Spike/Xander

Takes in the beginning of Season 2

+Xander and his Parents leave Sunnydale for vacation during summer, they abandon/forget Xander in Santa Clara where it just so happens that Dru and Spike are at before heading to Sunnydale.

+The stars tell Dru that there is someone near that has the same gift as her where the stars could speak to him only its dormant. She becomes curious and searches for that someone which happens to be Xander. Once she finds him and follows for a while she decides that she wants to play the same game her 'Daddy' played with her (the one that caused her madness).

+ Dru succeeds in driving Xander to the edge before she decided to turn her 'kitten'. (He is a bit more aware than her though)

+Spike one day follows her and when he sees what she is doing becomes angry at first but then becomes glad as he later falls hard for his new Dark Prince. He takes over as Xander's sire since Dru isn't sane enought to.

+ Xander when turned kept his soul which is intertwined snuggly with his demon. In his turning he caught Dru's sickness though not as severe as her but that still made him fragile in comparison to what he should be like with a sire as old as Drucilla though strong by other standards.

+Xander is inlove with his Spike and devoted and loyal to him as well just like Spike is to him, Drucilla is treated a bit coldly leaving her sulking since her Spikey isn't hers anymore. Even though Spike is now enamorated with Xander and vise versa and she doesn't like it she still protective of her 'baby'/'dark kitten'.

+While this is happening to Xander, school has started again and the scoobies are wondering where he is.

(If possible please include lemons; not obligatory though)

**Please let me know if you take on this challenge as I would really love to read the story**

E-mail: Bby_Yari@yahoo.com

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Guest chelzi

Okay. So I know this post is like three years old, but holy crap. I really like it. Did anyone ever write it? Season two rewrites are kind of my crack. I'm considering taking a swing at this...

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