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Tifa's many conquests. A FF7 lemon fic

Guest Gargamel

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Guest Gargamel

Can somebody please help me. Years ago I read an amazing fic about Tifa having sex different people over the years before the story of Final Fantasy 7. I'm sure it was on this site, though my memory could be wrong as it was a very long time ago. The first chapter ended with her having sex with her teacher, and it continues for one or two more. She gets pregnant, later revealed to be Cloud's kid from before he left town, and has to give the kid away. She gets pregnant again from her teacher and gives the kid away, I think it said her kids were the orphans from the movie or something. She has sex with Zack regularly when the group comes by, and Sephiroth plows her before he goes psycho.

Over the course of the fic we see different points in Tifa's life. She works at the bar and Barret cheats on his wife with her. She works for that "Don" guy as a prostitute and gets fucked by his employees, the Turks, and a bunch of random people.

I think the fic's name was Lockheart Chronicles or something similar, but I might be wrong. If you know where to find it(on any site) please tell me, I really liked it.

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The story`s name was The Untold Lockhart if I remember correctly. Though it was very Out of character and inaccurate in the storyline, it was also very naughty. A neverending sexfest. The author deleted it for bad rating or something i guess. don`t know.

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