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make a buffy and dawn stoiry were buffy forces dawn to be her slave

Guest bob

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dawn has to hate it and never wants to be buffys slave and crys alot and buffy forces her to stay her slave forever you can bring willow in to it as another dom if you want

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This sounds intreguing and fun to read, I hope somebody takes it up.

Perhaps Buffy enslaves Dawn as a punishment for crossing the line about her chores.

I myself am working on a story of a similar nature: Slayer Sorceress, involving the idea of "how much of a Slayer is a demon, I mean really?" and the idea of "What if Buffy was also magickally gifted- and started abusing Dawn (amongst others)."

I do enjoy a good story involving "older sister bullying younger sister" and when "older sister brings in her friend to help her pick on her younger sister" for some odd reason- this looks right up my alley: Buffy and possibly Willow bully Dawn together!

Ooh, Bad Buffy as a premise to a story- this ought ot be fun!


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