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Guest RonWetherby

Hello all,

This challenge is rather simple. Harry is a cuckold, Hermione is Harry's wife, and Ron is the bull.


1. Hermione and Ron dated before her and Harry.

2. Hermione and Harry get together(she is disappointed in his size and performance, especially compared to Ron)

3. An embarrassed Harry confesses to Ron he can't satisfy Hermione.

4. Harry catches Hermione masturbating and imagining Ron.

5. Harry asks Ron to satisfy his wife.


1. A scene between Ron and Hermione before she begins dating/is married to Harry.

2. Harry/Hermione/Ron threesome after Ron becomes Hermione's bull.

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Guest guest....b

I am thinking of writing this, although I should warn you that I have never writen a story in fanfiction or any other sites before so I am not sure if I will do a good job of it.

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