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Angsty, yusuke centric with maybe YHK?

Guest Sandy

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If i remember correctly its a YKH fanfic though its kinda dark, probably incomplete. It may be one or two fic i'm thinking about. Its about Yusuke's past. I think Yusuke was a bit suicidal in this, I recall reading a part where Kurama or Hiei just saw Yusuke standing under the moon. They were concerned for him since he's not really acting his usual self. I think they eventually brought him to a secluded area to watch him closer and for him to get better. What was odd, was that I remember Kurama or Hiei encountering i guess either a split personality of Yusuke, who acts as a child and has a different name as well. I think this was addressing Yusuke's abused past or something. Let me know if this rings abell. I want to say I found in

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