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Hello all! :) Well this is my new topic that I will use to reply to my reviews on my latest story “Auribus Teneo Lupum” since I believe if you guys take the time to review my work it's only fair I reply to them. I have decided to make this topic here so that I can do that without clogging up the actual AdultFanFiction site with huge replies and author's notes.

No one has to be registered to reply :)


Above cover created by me.

My Current Harry Potter stories:

Auribus Teneo Lupum-- Draco/Harry, WIP but updated weekly
Sanguis Vita Est-- Draco/Harry, COMPLETE

(Bound by) Clandestine Addiction-- Draco/Harry, COMPLETE
Dawning Affliction-- Draco/Harry, COMPLETE

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Chapter One Review Replies

Moon Whistler: Great start, I can't wait for more and eager for the next chapter. I love Harry/Fenrir stories.

Thank you so much :) I love them too but so few actually get finished TT___TT There definitely needs to be more completed love for the pairing. Hope you enjoy the next chapter!

Mako: Shigure-San!!!! Oh how I have missed your orgasmic writing style, and the promise of a completed story. I knew you would come back, with a new pairing. I will be looking forward to your chapters. I love you so.

Aww yay thank you! Always nice to be missed! I like you saying my writing style is orgasmic too – thank you muchly ;) Glad you appreciate the pairing too. I still love Draco/Harry but I have been itching to do some Fenrir/Harry for while.

chrissy: Cool story!! Look forward to the next update.

Thank you! I hope to update every Friday evening (UK time :))

EdensPassing: This story is extremely well written and the chapters are a good size. Fenrir/Harry is one of my favorite pairings, it's nice to see a new one. Keep up the awesome work!

Thank you so much! Really wanted to do the pairing justice. Hope It continues to be up to scratch and that you enjoy the rest of the story just as much.

SlythindorMalfoy: This was great! I loved it! Definitely looking forward to more. xD

Aww yay thank you! Much more to come :)

Dragonstar01: I really like where this is going! I look forward to reading more!

Thank you so much! So glad you like the way it’s going. Hope I don’t disappoint X3

Calixandria_420: I really like this story and can't wait for more!

Thank you! :) Hope you continue to enjoy x

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Chapter 2 Review Replies:

Non_Serviam: ARGH. I WANT THE REST!!! Please please please??? I adore your writing and I love this story! Please >.

-----------------More now for you : ) so glad you love my writing so much! xxx

Calixandria_420: More..... Oh please more! I'm hooked on this story and can't wait for the next chapter.

-----------------Glad I’ve hooked you :D Hope you continue to enjoy!

Bickymonster: Yay, another Harry/Fenrir story actually worth reading. There are so few of them around, and although this one is in the early stages at the moment, I think it is looking to be highly promising. As someone writing a Fenry story myself at the moment (I write Fragmented Soul, with StrawberryGirl87) I know how difficult it can be to get this pairing to work, but I think that you have come up with a really ingenious plot and I very much look forward to seeing where you take this. :)

-----------------Harry/Fenrir stories are so few and far between, especially ones that are good AND get finished. I hope mine is up to scratch J I’m afraid I haven’t read yours yet but it’s sitting in my bookmarks ready for me ;) Love a well-written Fenry ^^ Glad you like it so far!

Blu: I know you love reviews and everything but you should update sooner than once a week! You already said you had the story basically done.

-----------------’I'm uploading once a week as I have a really busy life and by updating you once a week, it gives me time to not only quickly proof-read the chapters you are reading but also finish writing the last chapters of the story so that when you catch up, you won't have to wait ages for an update. I write fast but I don't always get as much time as I like to write in. I used this technique while writing my other most recent story 'Sanguis Vita Est' and it worked. I'm doing well and by the time you guys catch up to where I am, all being well, I'll have the story finished so there will be no 'hiatus' or waiting ages for the finale. I'm not updating once a week to 'get more reviews'. I am flattered that you're so eager for more that 1 chapter isn't enough but I hope that you can accept why we're still on weekly updates and that the wait is worth it.

SinfulMind: A really good piece of work! Finally someone who knows how to write :) I love the pairing and I love where this story is going. Good plot and writing skills make it even more enjoyable!

-----------------Thanks so much! :D So glad you like my writing and the story seems promising to you ^_^ Really appreciate your kind words!

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Chapter 3 Review Replies:

Non_Serviam: Another amazing chapter! I still am completely in love with your characters and your writing, even the pacing and flow is fluid and wonderful to transverse. With school starting for me the day after tomorrow- this story will without doubt by my weekly treat! Thank you~ I can't wait to see what happens next!

--------------Thank you so much :D The most important thing to me is to get the characterisation right so I am so thrilled you think I’ve done that. Hope you enjoy this week’s treat ;)

animehunter08: please update soon~ i love this story!!!

--------------Thank you : ) Enjoy the chapter!

Mako: Wow! This is really intense!! Poor Harry dosent know what he wants. Can't wait for Friday!

--------------Intense is good ;) Thank you! Hope you enjoy the chapter x

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Review Replies Chapter Four:

Mako: This is the most beautiful chapter I've ever read. You can sure write some steamy words. Damn I'm all flustered.

-----------Thank you! Glad you liked ; ) Many more steamy words where they came from xxx

tereseanne: I'm a huge fan of Fenrir/Harry stories and this looks super promising so can't wait for more!

---------I’m glad you’re enjoying it so far : ) I hope I don’t disappoint!

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Chapter 05 Review Replies:

Dragonstar01: Awesome chapter. Looking forward to more!

Thank you so much :D Hope you enjoy the next one!

Jan: Absolutely love this story! Can't wait for chapter 6 ^_^

Thank you, that really means a lot X3 More coming right up!


Chapter 06 Review Replies:

elia cerrano: Oh Harry why can't you see that it's not right or fair that everyone expects you, as a teenager, to save everyone at whatever it costs you even your death. Yet they place you with people that hate you though they are your relatives. No one teaches you anything you need to know for your wizard life or to save the people as you are expected to! Everyone just uses you and your friends, Ron & Hermione, don't stick up for you as much as they should. They don't invite you for summers, or write because Albus decides they shouldn't...pls! Stay where you are wanted...with Fenrir.

I think Fenrir just can’t comprehend why Harry wouldn’t just take what he wants and also why he won’t just enjoy being a wolf, being free. It’s a foreign concept to him. Both he and Harry begin to understand each other here a little better though, hope you enjoy!

Kain: I am really loving this fic. I nice original plot but the thing I enjoy most is the characterization. You give Fenrir layers beyond what we were shown in the book and showing that he is not as bad as people perceive him as and are keeping Harry true to himself while allowing him to see that not everything is black and white. It is simply not in his nature to let people die for him or a cause he believes in. Harry knows that he is the lynchpin in ending the war and knows that running off and staying at the wolfs den is just not his thing, no matter how nice the pack has been to him. It will be interesting to see how/if he bonds with the rest of the pack and whether he will see his friends again. Given Hermione's sense of justice and fondness for "magical creatures" and their rights I can easily see her making a good impression on the wolves sent to help her and ron and maybe even convincing them to allow a visit with Harry, assuming Harry doesn't find a way to get to them first. Perhaps Harry will be able to convince Fenrir and his pack to switch sides in the war against voldemort. -waits patiently for the next chapter-

I am so glad you’re loving it so much! I hope to have done my own spin on the pairing and one of the most important thing to get right is characterisation so to say you feel I’ve got it right really does mean the world to me – thank you! ^_^ Fenrir definitely isn’t perfect but he isn’t an utter bastard without morals either. We learn more about him as the story goes on. Harry definitely is hedging for a way out, he won’t give up and roll over but the pack are determined he accept them and his life with them at the same time ;) Won’t say anything about Ron, Hermione or the war – you shall have to wait and see ;) Thanks again for the review!

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Chapter 07 Review Replies:

delia cerrano: I know Harry ids going to try to escape to go back to Ron & Hermione. I wish he wouldn't. I wish he would talk to Greyback and convince him to get werewolves to help the light side. He's always so impulsive and seems to be sooo willing to give himself up & die for just about anything.

--------------He is going to try and escape indeed. He thinks he knows what has to be done – what’s right and he won’t give up. Fenrir is equally determined to make him realise what life with him can be like too though ; )

Courtney: I'm obssessed with this story...I love how Fenrir is vulgar and rough, but has a good heart. I love how Harry remains pretty cannon; still trying to save everyone. You're a genius. I bow down to you and your smut, ma'am. Can't wait to read more! Friday can't come soon enough.

--------------Yay I am glad you love it so much. I do love a coarse, vulgar Fenrir with that goodness that shines through – diamond in the rough. It’s so fun to write. I’m used to writing more eloquent characters though so I have to refrain from writing more…’educated’ dialogue for him ; ) Is very fun. A bit more smut in this chapter too which I hope you enjoy – plus a little surprise!

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Chapter 08 Review Replies:

Anon: God, I love this story

--------------Thank you!

delia cerrano: I wish Harry would stop and think a minute. He feels he has to save everyone? Because Dumbledore said so and everyone goes along and expects it. I don't see anyone doing anything except keep pushing him further along that road. They are all "helping him fight Voldie" sure! They're all behind him...faaar behind him!

--------------He makes major progress here. A little time has passed so he’s had some time to think after everything that he caused. I hope you like the development for him and for Fenrir too.

an: That was the perfect moment for Harry to be in control and ride his werewolf ^_~ please update chapter 9 soon.

--------------Thank you! Glad you liked. I think you’ll like this one too ; )

Non_Serviam: I have been a bad fan and not reviewed the past few chapters! Bad me. But fear not! For here I am, to gush over every friggin chapter so far! My weekly treat and reprieve are still the best thing ever! I'm still absolutely lovin in! Love love love! I am waiting for something in the pack to go askew heavily though, and poor Ghost! Is he even okay? There was no mention of his tail after! Are we going to get any sideflashes to ron and hermione to see how they are with the members who were sent to them? How about Voldemort? Is Greyback going to go to Voldemort and demand Harry's wand to make him feel better? Or go get any wand, really. I can't wait to see what happens! You know, I have never actually even thought of this pairing before- I just decided to give this a shot because I liked you as an author and now I'm completely in love with it! Keep up the good work! Thank you as ever for another (Few) awesomely wonderful chapters!

--------------Aww that’s ok pickle, just hope you’re still enjoying it : ) Don’t worry, Harry mentions Ghost’s little tail in the start of this chapter. I considered showing flashes of Hermione and Ron as I was writing this but in the end decided I’d rather not so that when they do turn up, you’re surprised at the timing and events preceding. I hope that doesn’t disappoint X3 I promise to make the reunion good! You will get a peek at Voldemort a bit later on though. Thank you so much for giving my story a shot hunny and for your compliment to my writing. It means a lot xxx

Dragonstar01: Soo good! I can't wait for more! This is definitely one of my favorite stories that I'm reading right now!

--------------Thank you hun! I am so flattered that it’s one of your favourites! I hope I continue to please you : )

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Chapter 9 Review Replies:

Anon: Good chapter.

--------Thank you! xxx

Anon: AHHHH. Please please please update soon! Loved it!!

--------Haha thank you. Hope you enjoy the chapter xx

Courtney: This is my favorite chapter so far. I loved jealous/possessive Harry...And he finally marked Fenrir; I'm interested to see how their completed bond develops. My heart was pounding the whole time from the intensity of the last half of the chapter. So good. Also, I was hoping that you would put up another pronunciation key of all they wolves we've met thus far? It could be useful. Anyways, great as usual, I wish I didn't have to wait until next Friday for chapter. Sigh.

--------Aww yay glad you liked! Harry won’t go back on himself now, they can only move forward, despite this chapter’s bump in the road ;) Glad you liked the intensity. Of course I will put another pronunciation key up – I’ll do it for next chapter : )

delia cerrano: At last! Finally. Well done. How is Fenrir going to help get rid of Voldemort? When are Hermione & Ron going to show up? I hope Harry has his mind clear and realized how perfect life with Fenrir and group would be for when they do show up. The pack has treated Harry with more care, patience and understanding than the wizarding world has in all the years he's been bounced around, used, abused and not allowed choices. Talk about not being appreciated in any way! Yet he still whines to get away? I hope not any more...he's not an idiot.

--------Haha glad you liked. They formulate a plan later for Voldemort. Hermione and Ron won’t show up just yet, Lupa and Hemming are distracting them lol. I think most of Harry feels like he SHOULD want to get away, rather than him wanting to, which is what infuraties Fenrir the most xxx

lokiisourking: Ooooooh my god this story is awesome!! I admit sometimes I kinda want to get pissed at harry, especially with how comprehensive fenrir is being but he does have his reasons.. love it,cant wait for the next chapter!

--------Thanks so much for letting me know how much you’re enjoying it. Harry does have his reasons but he won’t go back on himself, only forward, even after this doozy of a cliffhanger ;)

Dragonstar01: Another awesome chapter! I like seeing Harry's pack interaction--you've created a wonderful cast of characters :)

--------Thanks so much! I am so happy you like the pack. I really wanted them to be ones you cared about rather than random OCs that annoyed everyone xxx

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Chapter 10 Review replies:

Mako: Awww this chapter was so beautifully angsty! Poor harry! He's breeding and I hope he's okay! Congrats on getting married! I hope you two have a wonderful life together!

-----------Thank you so much for the congrats and the lovely review! So glad you’re still enjoying x

WitchbladeHell: Agh! I'm so happy to find an update to this today! I really like this story a lot. Also, congratulatipns!!

-----------Thank you! So glad you’re still enjoying : )

Kat: Awesome chapter. Poor Harry. I call that Harry's Law an off shot of Murphy's Law. Congrats on the wedding!!

-----------He is having a hard time : ( Thank you for the congrats and for the review xxx

delia cerrano: Poor Fenrir poor Harry ! They can't ever seem to catch a break.

-----------No they can’t. It will all be worth it though I promise x

phoenix-rob: Nicely handled scene. Sexy and smutty - just like it should be. I love how you explored both the wolf and human feelings of Harry. Keep going. Can't wait to read more.

-----------Thank you! I am so glad you feel I handled the scene well. I really wanted you to empathise with both characters. Hope you enjoy the next chapter just as much.

Anon: Oh my goodness lol. Great chapter! Totally didn't guess that when I read the author's note. I love this story, it is my favorite. Can't wait for the next update, hope it's soon (wink wink). But really, congratulations on the marriage!! Hope you have an amazingly wonderful time.

-----------Thank you so much for the review and the best wishes : ) To say it is your favourite story really makes my day xx

Non_Serviam: I knew it'd have to happen sooner or later- poor Harry... poor Greyback- but I didn't expect him to get preggers right off! How long does it take for him to whelp? Oh shiiiiit... what are Ron and Hermione going to say. Argh. Weylen... you fucker. Even so, I can't imagine Harry actually lashing out and purposely killing the unborn pups... children... whatever they are. I mean, originally, yes. But not at this point. Amazing chapter, as always, and amazing of you to still keep to schedule while planning a wedding! Omg! Congratulations!!! I hope your special day is completely awesome and perfect and see you next week! Eat some cake for me! [For some reason the site keeps cutting off my reviews. Hopefully this one goes through.]

-----------Fenrir is a fertile bugger ;) Pregnancy details will be explained as Harry learns them too – so we can grow with him lol. Ron and Hermione are in for a shock, needless to say. Thank you so much for the lovely review and best wishes – I had the most amazing day xxx

L.S.: This was such a great chapter!! And really, this is a wonderful story!! I wish more people saw this story because it's really quite wonderful. I hope Harry will be alright... Happy Wedding Weekend~! :D

-----------Thank you so much! Hopefully more people will come and join in on our journey the more I write : ) I had a lovely wedding weekend thank you. Hope you enjoy the next chapter just as much xxx

lokiisourking: Sooo im just commenting to counter any hate mail you may get. I noticed you finish on a cliffhanger so im not reading this chapter until the next one is out. I think id die of stress. But your warning is very clear and from what I've seen your story is still awesome. Thanks for the update! Cant wait for the next one :)

-----------Sorry for the cliffie. Hope you can read now. I haven’t had any hate mate yet but there are always some that don’t read the warnings then blame me for it XD I’m prepared – the majority of you all seem to be enjoying so that makes me happy xxx

Jan: Fenrir will have a lot of groveling to do, and much more, don't see Harry forgiving him anytime soon, more so when he finds out about the baby. Please update chapter 11 soon.

-----------Sadly with Harry, though he is angry at Fenrir he knows he can’t really blame him entirely. It was the situation they were put in. Which makes it harder for him to handle x

Courtney: Mo one should be sending hate mail your way. It's in the warnings from the get-go and you've hinted at this in your chapters. It was bound to happen. Anothr great chapter though! I am trusting that Harry won't do anything to harm his child but I'm really interested to see what goes down next! He feels as if her was raped and in his right state of mind, he didn't want it. And now he's breeding, which I so did not expect so soon, after Fenrir said he didn't want him to become a "mother" at 17. Now I'm nervous because I don't want Harry to forget the war outside now that he will be pregnant. And I'm kind of hoping for just one pup because the poor thing has enough on his plate. But you're brilliant, and I'll love what ever you decide. Also, a big congratulations on your wedding! I hope it was amazing :)

-----------I know but there’s always a few isn’t there? Some people completely disregard the warnings and tags so I was worried how this would be received. Most of you all seem to have enjoyed it though so I am very pleased. Poor Fenrir didn’t want to do it this way either, which is even more frustrating – they were both victims of Weylyn in a way. Harry won’t forget the war or his friends outside, don’t worry : ) Thank you so much for the congrats and the review hun. I had the most amazing day xxx

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Chapter 11 Review replies:

delia cerrano: I'm sorry but I see Fenrir's point more than Harry's. Harry needs to calm down and think for a bit. He seems to feel like he owes the world everything and that he himsself doesn't matter. He could at least give Fenrir a chance to find his friends and for them all to make a plan together before he runs off and sacrifices himself for that miserable Albus and his group that are very willing to let a young boy die for the adults.

---------A lot of people are seeing Fenrir’s point more than Harry's which is interesting to me as the author : ) There is a lot of progress in the next chapter between the two of them which I hope you will like x

Non_Serviam: Welp I do believe this is the first chapter without sex! BUT WE GET SOME DEATH! Excellent. Poor harry. poor poor harry. Daaaamn. Another amazing chapter. Yay!<br />
On another note. OMG CONGRAAATS! I'm so happy for you! I'm glad you had such a great time at your wedding! I bet you were beautiful :D

---------The next chapter has no sex or death sadly, but some very comforting progress which I hope makes up for it : )

L.S.: Lovely update!!! :D So good!!! I mean, well, not for Harry haha...but I am happy he's still got his fire.

---------Thank you so much! He definitely still has fire – not so easily broken ; )

Wynja: I've spent the last couple of days reading this story and it's AMAZING! I love it! It's one of the best Fenrir/Harry stories I've ever read, hell, it's one of the best Harry Potter stories I've ever read, period. My jaws hurt right now, because I find myself clenching them so hard during their arguments... ;) I've faved it on too, just to get the update alerts. I saw the last update was only a couple of days ago, so I guess I now have to be patient for the next chapter. *sigh* I'm not good at being patient... ;)

---------Thank you so much for taking a chance on my story. So glad you’re enjoying it and so flattered that you say it’s one of the best Harry Potter stories you’ve read. Really appreciate your kind words. I update every Friday if that helps xxx

Courtney: So good, as always. I feel bad for Fenrir...he is trying so hard, and he is tolerating the fact that so many are saying he's becoming too soft and weak since his mating...and Harry is just too irritable and stubborn, although I can't blame him in the least. And I like how Harry feels emasculated by being pregnant because any man in this situation would totally feel that way. Im glad he's having a hard time accepting it because it feels more realistic (although any woman who has gone through childbirth can tell you that it takes strength beyond compare, and soon I hope Harry comes to realize this too). I do hope we will get a happy ending because I am way too emotionally invested in this story. Okay, I feel like I've rambled a bunch of nonsense because I'm way too tired to be writing anything. I'm glad your wedding was amazing and I look forward to the next chapter :)

---------Thank you again hunny. I feel bad for Fenrir too – and Harry. I think I identify with both their predicaments. Thanks for mentioning that you like Harry feeling emasculated by it. In my opinion as a reader, MPREG writers too often don’t address this. I think any man would feel feminised by this, not because he feels they are weaker but because until recently, pregnancy was something he thought only women could experience. So I’m glad you appreciate the read of it in my story : ) Thanks again for your lovely review. The ending will be one you will like I think but it’s not coming yet xxx

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Chapter 12 Review replies:

Uhh – You left me reviews on 2 sites so I’ll answer both here:

----------------------------While you could’ve been less rude with your point, it was a valid one. What you and maybe some others took from that one line was absolutely not what I intended to be taken, it was meant to show what a hard decision it was, actually, I’m sorry that it came across the complete opposite way (do not edit chapters at 2.30am evidently) as looking back at it, I think it does read insensitively. I’ve changed the line now as that’s not the message I was trying to get across. Thank you for your suggestion as what you took from it was never meant to show either my view or Harry's. I hope that those that read the original are not put off reading the rest of the story.

Courtney: Such a healing chapter in my opinion. They're both trying to come to terms with what happened, and that makes me happy! I like that time has lapsed so it isn't so rushed, as many stories tend to be. But damn, ending the chapter right there? I am eager to see Fenrir's reaction to Harry's request. They both have such hot temper, so conflict is kinda fun :P Thanks for the consistent updates, you're the best xx

------------Thanks hunny, so glad you’re enjoying it. I thought it’d be unbelievable if some time hadn’t passed in which the raw hurt could heal a little. They do both have such a bad temper and it’s a joy to write xxx

Anon: No updated? Hope all is well! Can't wait to read more

-------------Thank you SO much for your review otherwise I might not have realised that the update didn’t go up properly xxx It’s up now! Sorry for the delay!

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Chapter 13 Review replies:

EmMa: Omg! I'm so glad that harry is finally starting to heal and accept fenrir and the baby! I can't wait for the next one!

-------------He’s definitely slowly adjusting and recovering. I am so happy you’re enjoying it. Thank you for your review x

delia cerrano: Good chapter. So glad that Harry finally seems to realize that Fenrir is on his side and trying reallly hard. His grandmother is cool. I would think that Harry would love her like his own a mother or loving female older and wizer friend.

-------------Thank you. Harry is recovering slowly and he does realise that Fenrir is willing to do pretty much anything for him – at long last. I loved writing Eithne, one of my favourite original characters X3

Jan: Mending their bond before they face Voldemort or before the baby is born is truly a good thing and extremely important. Glad they're mature enough to figure that much, though I know that's not going to stop their bickering. Please update chapter 14 soon ^_^

-------------Haha no they will forever bicker, it’s part of their charm ;) They know how to push each other’s buttons too well. xxx

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Chapter 14 Review replies:

Courtney: I didn't review last chapter. Shame on me. The week kind of flew by and before I knew it, you posted another chapter! I loved the ritual in 13, and Eithne is such a kind soul-- I love all your OCs. Man, chapter 14 was freaking intense. Thanks for not killing any of the packmates though! And finally! Draco is here! I am eager to see how he reacts to being in a werewolf's den. :P Also, the end, where Harry and Fenrir discuss their "son" has me all warm and fuzzy inside. Such a tender moment; I'm glad to see Harry protective of his baby. Great chapters, dear, as usual! Looking forward to more of your brilliance soon. Xx

-----aww that’s ok hun as long as you’re enjoying it : ) So happy you enjoyed the chapter. The next one is a little more calm but hopefully you will like it just as much xxx

Easyreader: Great chapter! Question though, is Harry a horcrux still? Really enjoying this story can't wait to see Draco's reaction to the wolves.

---------Thanks so much! Harry is a horcrux yes but the only person that knows this at the moment is Snape. xxx

Jan: Oh, it's starting to get better between them ^_^ please update chapter 15 soon.

-----They are making progress indeed : ) Slowly but surely. More progress next chapter too! xx

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Chapter 15 Review replies:

Wynja: My heart really, really aches for Fenrir... Love the Malfoy development! *grin*

-------------It will ache even more after this next chapter : ( And haha glad you like Draco’s development too XD I love him x

Jan: I'm truly happy that Harry Fenrir are both making progress with their relationship, and that Draco is falling for a werewolf ^_~ but I still don't care that Lupin Sr. wasn't the one abussing his son, because at the end of it all he knew his son was being raped, he knew who it was, he knew and forbid his son from telling his own mother, he knew and did NOTHING to stop it! What kind of father/parent does that! He's your baby, the one thing in this world you protect with your very life! Sorry, just needed to take that off my chest a bit, please update chapter 16 soon^_^

---------------The boys make even more progress in this next chapter which I hope you like X3 There’s also a little scene in there for Draco and Echo. You’ll find out a little more about Remus’ situation when Harry is reunited with them later ^.^ Hope you enjoy the next chapter and it’s everything you’ve been waiting for! x

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Chapter 16 Review replies:

delia cerrano: A packed chapter! Some things explained like Fenrirs' parents death and biting Remas. Harry and Fenrir seem to be coming to an understanding with each other as well as with the pack (Ulric for example) and with Malfoy.

-------Thank you – so glad you liked it all. This next chapter has a lot of action. I hope you like it just as much!

Jan: Looks like Fenrir is gonna come back to find out that he's a father ^_^ please update chapter 17 soon.

--------I’m not saying nothing ; ) Lol. Hope you like chapter 17! *nervous*

Courtney: That first scene nearly made me cry. Poor Fenrir...I'm glad to have more insight as to how Fenrir became Fenrir-since JKR offers so little to his background - it's a fun angle on his character. Also, I'm pretty sure "Drecho" is one of the cutest pairings ever. Normally I like dominate and cocky Draco (because that is how I love me some Drarry), but with Echo, he's kind of adorable in his own stubborn, I feel like I ramble way too much when I leave you reviews but I feel like I have to smother your amazing story with love! Can't wait for Friday :) hope you are well!

---------Sorry for nearly making you cry *hugs* Glad you liked the story. And aww ‘Drecho’ I like that so cute XD I think Draco sort of tops from the bottom in his stubborn, headstrong, loveable arrogant way ;) I’m sure Echo would’ve be averse to switching as well in the future lol. Them boys mix it up. Thank you so much for your comments again sweetheart. Hope you like the next chapter just as much!

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Chapter 17 Review replies:

countrygirl10: Wow...just wow. That chapter was amazing. The scene setup and the action was epic. And then Remus and Hermione had to show up and ruin Harry's quiet time with the pup! I look forward to the next chapter and how Fenir is going to go bat-shit crazy!

---------Thank you so much hunny. I’m so glad you liked it. Fenrir is going to go mental ;)

delia cerrano: A very "realistic" job on the birth of Harry's little one. So Remus and Hermione butted in again...geez. Where's Fenrir??

--------Thank you – I so wanted to get the right balance between gore/detail in the birth ;) Fenrir is coming xxx

Ashell: When I found out that it was Harry's friends that had caused his pack to be attacked and killed it was hard to take. So much bloodshed from misguided good intentions: Harry wanting to defeat Voldemort so he sent off Greyback to get his friends with the strongest pack members. Then said friends taking away Harry from his pack which at the same time brought on a devastating attack. I don't see how Greyback is ever going to forgive Harry's friends or how Harry himself is going to deal with the guilt. Don't get me wrong though, this chapter is amazing and has only further sucked me into this story and I did not think that was possible. I really hope Greyback gets back to Harry soon, he needs to be by his son! (See what I mean by sucked into this story?) I really liked how you explained how Harry's body was able to give birth. I often have a hard time with Mpreg fics because that part is never explained and it's a point I can't get over. I wonder how long Harry will remain in Werewolf mode and what it will take to convince his friends to trust Greyback.
I meant to tell you this earlier but it melted my heart that Harry called his baby little bludger. It was such a nice way to blend him accepting his baby as something real with a reminder of his old (wizarding) life. Also, thank you SO much for being a regular updater. I have lost track of the amount of stories that I have fallen in love with to just be abandoned by their authors or to be updated once every six months if that. I just realized, since Harry escaped doesn't that mean that Greyback should die because of the unbreakable vow? Seriously hope I am just confused on the matter.

-----I am so glad you liked the chapter even though it was hard to take – and even more pleased that you’re been sucked further into the story :D Thank you for letting me know you appreciated the ‘science’ of the birth too. I really wanted it to be real, as like you, I feel that a lot of MPREGs are missing that. Fenrir didn’t let Harry escape or help him to, he was taken so he didn’t forfeit the vow, he is safe. If Voldemort decides to take a peak into Harry's head any time he is away from Fenrir though, then he is vulnerable. Awww I will never give up on this story. I’ve written most of it anyway so it’d be impossible ;) And I couldn’t do that after we’ve all come so far together. xxxx

Anon: I could not despise Remus and Hermione more at the moment.

-----------Lol their hearts were in the right place x3

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Chapter 18 Review replies:

delia cerrano: Terrific chapter but now I'm anxious for Fenrir to come back and straighten everyone out especially Remus and Ron! Sorry but Hermione does come off as a "know it all" and like it's the way things should be is the only right way therefor do it or believe it whatever...too bad what Harry wants ir feels. He doesn't owe his, Fenrir's or his baby's life to the wizarding world. Let them get off their duffs and habdle Voldie themselves not a teenager whose been used and abused by everyone yet expected to willingly give his everything for them.

---------------Thanks so much. So glad you liked. Fenrir will be back VERY soon ;) Hermione is a bit of a know-it-all bless her lol. She cares in her way. Thanks for your review hunny : ) xxx

Kain: Absolutely marvelous chapter, my favorite so far. The feels were all over the place in this chapter. Now not to play devils advocate but both sides screwed the pooch on this one. Both sides kept secrets from each other and despite the wolves anger at there trust being abused, being quite on the subject of Harry wasn't the smart way to handle people who are worried about their friend and already have issues with you. And despite everything I like how the wolves seem to regard Hermione at least with some level of respect/kindness despite her being a witch. I love how you wrote everyone in this chapter, there was no real bad guy and blame went in every direction and both sides had points. It's very nice when an author can reach that kind of balance. Remus's feelings while harsh and misguided are also very believable. The bite, as far as he is concerned ruined his life and too hear that it was "whoopsie daisy" on Fenrir's part couldn't have made him feel any better. While we as readers know there is more to the wolves than what has been revealed, Remus as far as he understands it has every reason to be hateful towards them. Really felt for Harry in this chapter, poor guy is trying to balance between both worlds, his wolf side and his human wizard side. Although I did find it humorously ironic at his reaction at Snape and Hermione unintentionally throwing his words of not knowing the full story back at him. I love how you showed the intense bond between Harry and his friends and particularly how Hermione was the first to accept what has happened. Even in canon and perhaps more so than even Ron, she has always had his back first and foremost and not once in all 7 books turned on him. Her being all for the rights of magical creatures might also have something to do with her accepting nature. Adorable how she reassured harry that he was not a freak. The biggest compliment I could give on this chapter was how believable every thing was. Everyone was in character(within the confines of this story that is) and people questioned Harry and brought up Stockholm Syndrome as a possible reason for how he was acting and Harry telling them what has happened. Also loved how now that he is no longer feral he is absolutely freaking the fuck out about parenthood lol. There just a very natural progression. -waits patiently for the next chapter-

-----------------------Awww yay thank you so much!! I was so nervous that everyone would be disappointed because it seemed like everyone was expecting Harry to explode. So I’m thrilled that this is one of your favourite chapters X3 I heartily agree with you that both sides messed it up and that there is blame on both sides – really happy you think I wrote it well, as I don’t think there are good/bad in this situation. It was all misunderstanding and thoughtlessness on everyone’s parts : ) So happy you think I achieved that balance I was so hoping for. I think you hit the nail on the head with Remus (seriously, I think you’re peeking into a window in my brain lol). Harry in his determination to defend Fenrir and make them understand him, is basically trying to brush off what Remus considers the worst part of his life. Another reason why Remus is finding it hard to understand him and to believe it’s really Harry who is saying these things. LOL I do love writing Harry that way, he is a bit of a hypocrite when it comes to Snape. He definitely is struggling to find a balance between his wolf and his human so to speak. I agree with you that Hermione is always the one that had his back – whatever happened. I adore their friendship. Saying how real and in character it all was really is the best compliment as that is the thing I always want to achieve first and foremost. So happy you mentioned that, and that you think it was well done. I think it could’ve gone horribly OTT and out of character and I didn’t want to do that. Your comments really have made my day thank you so much pickle xxxx

Jan: I could understand why Remus may be so uptight when it comes to Fenrir, but I'll never understand why do people think that they know you best (when they don't take the time to truly know you), or that they have the right to take actions in your best interest, when it's not your life to mess with to begin with, why can't people worry for themselves and not butt-in in others life. I truly hope Fenrir puts Remus and the others in their place. Please update chapter 19 soon.

---------------Some people think because they care that gives them the right to tell you what to do – I suppose that’s better than the people that just butt in for the drama ;) Fenrir is definitely going to have something to say don’t worry xx

staar: wow just like Harry to do things his way.....hope greenback comes fast....good read thanks !!!!!

---------He definitely does have his own flair ;) Lol Fenrir will be back soon. Thank you for your review :D Hope you continue to enjoy xx

Blind apprentice: Just wanted to say, that I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the story. It's been nice to watch the characters develop, I'll be interested to see what happens when his alpha returns. I'm also curious to see what happened at the end of the battle. Great story, keep up the good work, I hope you enjoyed your time with your family for Thanksgiving. Many thanks as always.

---------------Thanks so much : ) Your words really mean a lot. Fenrir will be back VERY soon, have no fear. I hope you’re not disappointed with the next chapter x

lily: it was awesome keep on writing can't wait for the next chapter

---------------Thank you : )

Courtney: Hey, hun! So, I haven't had much time to sit and review the past couple chapters so I'm making time to do it right now! The past two chalters literally had me pacing the floor...Ulric-I hated him but now I'm devastated he's gone. I guess he was just a stubborn old man, with good intentions for the pack. I can respect him now. I hope no one else major is dead... Now, can I just say I loved the birthing scene in some, weird disturbing way? I like how you didn't glorify any of it, because let's face it, it's not the prettiest thing. I can't wait to hear the baby's name once Fenrir is back in the picture. As for Remus, I feel so bad for him, and I hope he come around. He clearly has love for Harry and I hope he learns to accept him...and himself, for what they are. Thanks for killing the rogue werewolves, they had to go. Anyways, great job as always and I cannot wait for the new chapter tonight. I'll be looking for it! Xx

---------------No problem pickle just hope you’re well and still enjoying the fic : ) Thrilled that you loved the birth scene. I wanted it to be real, for it to make sense and not be all fluffy and glossed over. It was morbidly fun to write as a woman lol. Baby’s name is revealed in chapter 19 – in fact his name meaning is the chapter title ; )

Janelle: Amazing story. I hope Remus comes around soon. I'm surprised Harry didn't take the initiative to name the baby before Fenrir gets a say. I figured he'd want to name him James and at the same time show Fenrir that he isn't some submissive to be ordered about. Although, Harry is beginning to realize his feelings for Fenrir and he's in a more instinctual state of mind right now ... so I can see why he'd wait for Fenrir. I hope Fenrir, to prove his love/consideration for Harry, asks for Harry's input. UPDATE SOON! I'm dying for Fenrir to show up!

---------------Thank you so much! :D Haha no baby James in this story. I’d like to think Harry sort of realises that he and Fenrir are in this together, wants to show Fenrir how he’s come to accept most of the werewolf traditions and ideas as his own now to – just like Fenrir is starting to accept those pesky human emotions ;) I hope you like the way the naming comes out and that it doesn’t disappoint xx

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Chapter 19 Review Replies:

lily: I loved it it was awesome I love the baby's name I loved how everybody reacted and I'm happy that the way Hermione apologize and Remus kind of deserve what he got great way to put how he talk to me remus about transforming into the werewolf I kind of wish you might have put a little more but that's probably next chapter and I'll wait for that or whatever keep on writing can't wait for the next chapter you're awesome

----------------So happy you liked it and the baby’s name X3 Harry mentions about the wolf again later don’t worry. Also more development between Remus and Remus and Fenrir’s tension XD Hope you like the next chapter too X3

Anon: kirian love the name !!!!!!!! that went well !!!! happy they are together again....thanks for the update !!!!!!!

----------------Thank you so glad you loved his name. Took me ages to pick it lol.

Courtney: Trust me, I'm definately still enjoying your story, and have been since you posted the first chapter. :) ...God dammit started the chapter off well, and then you just failed miserably. I'm rooting for him though; he got what he deserved from Fenrir, but I just want him to be able to accept himself. Is that too much to ask? :'( Kirian is a perfect name for the baby! So clever :) I'm glad they are finally reunited and I'm glad you didn't kill everyone! I am eager for them to return back home but I'd be surprised if that goes smoothly. Until next time dear! I'll try and be patient. ;) xx

----------------Yay thank you :) Remus is learning and growing slowly, he’s had a lot to take in over the last few chapters but he’s getting there with a little help ;) It definitely won’t go smoothly with me at the wheel ;) xxxx

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Chapter 20 Review Replies:

delia cerrano: Wow! All the wolves...Fenrir, Hemmings, the other pack wolf, even Remus. Not mention Harry whose trying on purpose this time and even a really cute baby wolf...wolflette? no I guess cub. Even that sounds to big for the little sweetie. Remus is really trying to help Harry by trying to be a rough tough wolf which he has always avoided. Maybe it will help him stop denying what he is.

--------Thank you so much for the ‘wow’ makes me smile after my rubbish week ^_^ Thanks hunny. Bless Remus, he makes such progress in the next chapter. I hope you like it just as much xx

staar: OMG you need to update soon !!!!! you can't leave me hanging like this !!!!!!!!! you know I love Lupin but man he is an idiot !!!!!!! always thinking everything wrong and jumping into things !!!!

--------Sorry for the cliffhanger – there was no nice place to cut the chapter. Hope you can forgive me X3 Don’t worry Remus makes a lot of progress in the next chappie. xxx

Jan: Remus and his self righteousness, what to do with him? Hmm.... Please update chapter 21 soon.

--------Remus makes a lot of progress in chapter 21 don’t worry :)

Kain: Just came across this recently and am happy to say that it is all confirmed canon and just felt like sharing since there is a little mention of lupins dad,Lyall:

--------Some of it is yes :) I took everything JKR had in canon and gave it a twist – I hope you enjoyed that it was based on ‘fact’ xxx

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Chapter Twenty-One Review Replies:

staar: Well Ginny needs to get over herself and move on ok !!!!!! hope Harry stays with Fenair ,,, Thanks !!!!

--------------Ginny will recover bless her. : ( An you’ll have to wait and see what Harry does ;)

Kain: Very nicely done, hot, and heartwarming all rolled up in one nice bundle. Glad too see Remus start to embrace his wolf side and learn to trust Fenrir, at least a little bit. Was curious as to when the Weasley's would show up and I cannot thank you enough for how you handled the reunion. Mr. and Mrs Weasley have ever reason under the sun to want to geld Fenrir, but are putting aside there anger out of love and trust for Harry. I especially liked how you handled the scene with Ginny. It felt very natural and anyone in her situation would question the validity of harry's relationship with the guy who mauled there brother. Almost ANY other writer would have taken the chance to make Ginny into some unholy hell bitch and bash the hell out of her but you are a cut above the rabble and are a master of characterization. When her and Harry ended things there was always the chance of renewing there relationship and she never stopped loving him so of course this would come as a big shock to her. I am a big fan of Ginny(more in the books than movies) and love how you handled this. So I take it that Fenrir is going to alpha up and take responsibility and personally apologize to Molly and Aurthur for what he did to there son? Would love too see Fleur go veela on his ass over what he did to her man despite the fact that the scars don't bother her and whether or not Bill will accept an apology. I like the dynamic character development you have given to Fenrir, you have kept mostly to canon and made believable alterations while making it obvious that while he was never an "evil" guy he was by no means soft and Harry is making him a better man. side not, love den mothers Hermione and Remus lol. They just dote on that boy so much.

Meant to attach this to my previous review, and I apologize if you have already been asked this and it has been answered, but do you accept story prompts? And if so are you open to writing femslash?

--------------Thanks so much :D So glad you’re still enoying it so much. Also glad you feel I handled the Weasley reunion well. Ahhh ‘bashing’ or whatever people call it really makes me cringe X___X I think it can ruin a good story so I always make a point of never doing that. Just because she is a potential threat to the main pairing doesn’t mean she is suddenly inhuman, ya know? Lol Glad you feel the same XD I actually felt really awful writing that scene ‘cause I know she must’ve been in a lot of pain : ( Like you say, she had every reason to think Harry would come back to her. Harry feels gutted for hurting her. Fenrir is going to apologise in his Fenrir-ish way. You won’t see it but Harry mentions it to confirm that is what happened in the story and it’ll be referred to later ;) He does it for Harry of course. I don’t know if I’ll write Fleur and Bill in later. Might do if it fits, I never thought about it before you mentioned it : ) You think I should? So happy you like the Fenrir Dynamic. Like you say I stole JKR’s canon ideas and developed them for my own nefarious ends to try and make it seem more real. Glad you think it works : ) And I am open to writing femslash but I really have no time at the moment : ( You guys have pretty much caught up to where I’m actually writing this now so I’m frantically putting all my spare time into writing each new chapter. On top of work and family etc. I really don’t have enough time for a new story so I’m really sorry : ( Maybe a one-shot sometime in the future when this one is over but I can’t promise anything? What did you have in mind? xxxx

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Chapter 22 Review Replies:

Japhia: OMG What a cliff hanger! :o Thank you for the update! :D

-----Sorry for the cliffie. Unfortunately the next one is worse : ( I hope you can forgive me and hang in there – it’ll be worth it I promise x

Janelle: I've been re-reading this story and love it all over again!

----Aww really? That is such a big compliment! I am so happy you love it so much ^_^

Rii: *flails* a cliff-hanger??? *flails again* Thanks for the new chapter - even if you are trying to torture us with the cliffy :P

----So sorry for the cliff-hanger and advanced apologies for the next one too :( I just ran out of time writing the chapter and couldn’t write any further. Hope you can forgive me xxx

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Chapter 23 Review Replies:

Athanata_Thana: Hi, your story is so great. I hope, harry rise again from the death as in the book or film to come back to Fenrir und Kirian and all the others. I cant wait for the new chapter. Lovely greetings, Athanata

------------Thanks so much! :D Your question will be answered in chapter 24 ;)

indigowaves2: Every time I managed to stop myself from crying all I had to do was read a little further and I started up again. This chapter was heartbreaking and so well written. I could feel the love he had for his son and his despair at having to leave, you made it come alive. Once again, this was so well written. I hope he lives again like he did in the book, I am a sucker for happy endings and I don't want to cry anymore.

------------Thank you so much for letting me know you found it well-written. I so wanted to get it right as the whole story has been leading up to that point. I wanted his despair and love to be real so I am glad you think I did that justice. Hope you like chapter 24 :)

staar: Well what can I say but that I'm still crying here.....hope the next chapter fixes all of this !!!!!!!!!!

------------I hope it fixed it too ;)

Jan: Wow, if your intention in this last chapter was to make people cry, well I applaud you cause you have succeeded, I was in tears by the end of this chapter (sniff) please update chapter 24 soon.

------------I half did/half didn't want to make people cry X3 I never wanted to make people cry but at the same time, I suppose if i did then I wrote it well? Hope so anyway. Hope you like chapter 24 xx

Pouika : Hello, I start to read your strory (and found where let my review) to say your story it's good. I go to read the chapter 9 now ! 5Sorry for my english not very well, i'm french)

------------Thank you so much! :D I am so happy you're enjoying the story!

Janelle: Oh my, this is not what I expected at all, but I love what you've done! If Harry had been hit by a killing curse (which is what I thought would happen) then considering the outcome in JK Rowling's plot line we readers would expect Harry to come back to life, to choose life so he can raise his baby and be with Fenrir. But now you have written it that Harry's body is damaged, throat cut open, so us readers don't even know now if Harry can come back because his body is fatally wounded. The suspense is killing me! I was crying all the way through this chapter ... and the chapter before because of Harry's heartache, knowing he'll have to leave his baby boy. I'm going back and forth on whether you are killing Harry off or not. At this point I'm hoping that either A) Fenrir heals Harry's wounds by licking them closed before running off to avenge Harry's death ... or B) Harry will come back to his body and have to shift into his wolf form right away in order to heal himself quickly, like what Fenrir was getting Marrok to do. So, there's hope yet in my heart that Harry will survive ... but I've read stories where he is killed off ... so I'm afraid that is still an option in this story. UPDATE SOON!

------------I am so happy you love what I've done X3 I like that the story sort of starts from canon and that I made Fenrir's history/character/life fit into canon as such, but I wanted to go somewhere different with the battle and the ending of my story. I didnt want to rewrite Deathly Hallows' ending. I hope you and everyone else approve :) Your questions will be answered in chapter 24 - I hope you enjoy it. Thanks again! :) xxx

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Chapter 25 review replies:

Staar:- so happy for them !!!!!!! doing happy dance here !!!! ??Draco will be ok ???

------Me too, it’s been a long time coming. There actually is dancing in the next chapter haha! Draco will be ok. You will see a bit more of him before the story ends properly xx

Jan:- Lol, both Fenrir and Harry can be silly at times, that's what makes them so lovable ^_^ I can't wait to see how to pack welcomes Hermione and Ron, more so seeing Harry again and the newest addition ^_~ please update chapter 26 soon.

------They can be very pig-headed and stubborn both of them, bless the pair XD Hopefully Kirian will grow up a bit better adjusted than them ;) lol. I hope the welcoming of Ron and Hermione to the pack doesn’t disappoint X3 You just know everyone is going to love Kirian xxx

Jan:- Great chapter, loved it.

------Thanks so much! x

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Chapter 26 Review Replies:

staar: So good , that was so nice and harry seems very happy.......Thanks for this and hope you feel better soon !!!!!

--------------I feel lots better thank you :) So happy you liked the previous chapter. Hope you are as happy as Harry with the next one ;)

Kain: Holy god, feels to the left, and feels to the right. The reunion with the pack and Harry being comfortable with calling the valley home now got me right in the soul. And the talk between him and Hermione was adorable. -On a smaller note I am happy that unlike in cannon you actually gave some kind of punishment to Lucius. Stuck in his house for the next 30 years, no longer able to wield a wand and his only heir is now going to be mated to a wolf. So he can kiss that pure blood line goodbye. That might be worse than Azkaban for him lol. Sweet that Narcissa is just happy for Draco and doesn't seem to care about him loving a Werewolf. -Happy to see the pack welcoming Remus. -Love that Harry is not excusing Fenrir's more base qualities but is also not ignoring his more noble traits. A good man who has done bad things but tries to make up for some of them at least and most of it was to protect the pack and those he loved. -Fenrir setting up things in there den so Harry can see his friends/pseudo-family anytime he likes despite his feelings for the wizarding world at large. -make up sex is the best sex. -Harry being that bridge that is starting to reconnect the normal wizards with the wolves.

--------So many feels! *___* Harry finally having a home does feel so wonderful. And I agree with you, Lucius needs a bit of punishment ;) He was quite naughty. I might show ‘dinner at the Malfoy’s’ in the sequel as I think it’d be quite amusing lol. I wanted to get a fine balance at the end: Harry doesn’t excuse Fenrir’s mistakes but he has learned to live with them, like you say, that he’s a good man who’s done bad things, as have most good men. He touches on it again in chapter 27 but I wanted to show a Harry who isn’t blindly forgetting it all, just moving forward. I’m glad you feel I did that well :) Thank you for your review hunny, please enjoy the next chapter! xxx

Jan: Finally he's with the pack, not to mention he also finally understands what's his true feelings for Fenrir, the ending to this chapter was simply romantic, and sweet ^_^ please update chapter 27 soon, I can't wait for more ^_~

----------So happy you liked the last chapter X3 I think we all deserved some warm fuzzy feelings after all that angst and drama~ Harry is finally at a place of understanding and happiness :)

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