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Willow/Faith cellmates


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Somehow, regarding Faith's actions in mid Buffy seasons, and Willow's actions in season 6, Faith and Willow end up as cellmates in prison!

For added humor: Willow is the dominant one- and also a cuddlebug, whereas Faith hates to be touched!

Possible reason for Miss Lehane to hate to be touched: there's some theories that Faith was raped in her childhood; well, what if her rapist was her MOM?- that could be a nice touch for this story... Faith saying "You try getting raped by your own Mother and see what that does for your disposition!" Then Willow realizes to her horror Why Faith is so messed up!

I personally think the concept of Willow as Faith's 'prison mistress' is, in some ways, funny... can't really explain why right now- I don't know why.

At first these women would likely hate eachother, but kind of grow to appreciate eachother.

When these ladies finally do get to talking, Willow finds out that Faith's mom was a prostitute (one of the reasons why Faith has issues), and Faith finds out that Willow actually envies Buffy for her family life- the love and parental activity in Elizabeth {Buffy} Anne Summers' home (as does Faith), and Willow regards Buffy as something of a twin.

Also: innitially, Willow is out for some vengence on Faith, due to Faith having raped Xander (she considers herself something of a sister to Xander, and so has serious issues with Anybody raping someone she sees as her brother!), hence, she may well try to humiliate Faith (possibly by sitting on her), or 'mind control' used to engineer intimacy between them (Willow has lesbian tendencies at this time.)... but, she would be angry with Faith about her treatment of Xander- and may well let it show!

Willow's attitude can be "I will make her pay for hurting him!"

Should involve an early catfight between Faith and Willow, that Willow uses magic to win., and dominate Faith.

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Ah, I am somewhat aware of it, but theirs is far darker than I could imagine.

Kind of makes sense; as theirs is set in literal Hell Lite… and if Hell Lite is *that* messed up, that’s good reason to avoid going into those lifestyles.

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