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Guest Moonchild16

I'm looking for a Ichigo/Multi fic that has Ichogo as a Beta that is going into heat and his Hollow explanes that for the next week his going to be fighting for mating rights. The first Espada that he meets is Yammy and as Ichigo beats him and since Ichigo won he has the right to reject him, then he leaves and tells the others that there is a Beta in heat and I think that its Grimmjow that mates with him first I know that if he is considering one of them to be his mate or mates I think that he bites them. I know that he has already slept with one of the Vizard and in the next couple of chapters he was going to sleep with another. I know that one of the big fusses was that he was strong enough to become king of Hueco Mundo. Anyone know that story?

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