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Willing to adopt and co-wright

Guest ABlade

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I'm willing to adopt the following subjects:

  • Fanfiction
    • Harry Potter
    • DC'verse
    • Marvel verse
    • Munsters
    • Addam's
    • Nightmare on Elm Street
    • Any disney
  • Originals
    • Fantasy
    • Eriotica

I'm willing to help co-wright any graphic scenes, for any story. (EXCEPT poo))

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Guest LoneWolf

Alright, I have an idea for a story, I already wrote the first chapter. "A slave is Every Girl's best friend" basically it deals with a Harem x Naruto relationship with the Harem being in charge. Don't worry it's mostly about all the women Naruto knows basically raping him and turning him into a pussy/ girlcock slut. Yes, there's a lot of futa in it but better than it being gay, to me it's only gay without breasts, feminine voice, and a penis using one trait is OK, 2 a little questionable, 3 abort gayness alert. But, this is an interesting little story and there is room to add yet if you really don't want to add anymore it's fine as is. I want half the credit and I will be reading if anyone adds to this story. Remember, if you want to try this, you'd better read up on a bit of femdom stories.

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